Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pregnancy Week 35 and 3 Days: Not Much Room Now!

Before I start with my pregnancy updates, let me share with you two big things that happened in my daily life this week. The first one is that my husband and I had finally received our very own new house's keys from the developer on Thursday! That means, my husband and I can start renovating the house any time we are ready and hopefully, the three of us could move to the new house very soon. The second one is the birth of my best friend's first baby yesterday morning. Astrid and her husband welcomed their little bundle of joy, Baby Darlene, exactly on the day when Indonesia celebrated her 67th Independence Day. Merdeka!!! I could not be happier for the new parents. Congratulations and welcome to the parenting world, BFF!

Now, let's move on with some updates on my latest antenatal visit I had this morning. There's not much updates I can share at the moment because my husband and I pretty much had brief consultation and baby's ultrasound scan with the Gynae today. My major pregnancy complaints this week were the facts that I had been really constipated, nauseated and vomited twice in the past two weeks (perhaps due to the iron supplements that I have been taking in the past couple of weeks). My Gynae suggested me to drink milk products to ease my constipation as I tend to have diarrhoea after consuming milk and stop taking the fibre solutions because they gives me indigestion issues. I am not sure if I want to try this because I am aware of the agony in my stomach after drinking milk. Despite its horrible taste, I don't mind taking Prune Juice as natural constipation reliever, though.

Next, my Gynae did her routine 2D ultrasound scan on my baby. Everything looks normal and I have enough amniotic fluid as of now but my Gynae had difficulties in snapping good picture of my baby's face via the 3D ultrasound scan because my baby's face is now too close to my uterus's skin. My uterus is kind of cramped with the growing baby. The only thing that we could see very clearly via the ultrasound scan today was my baby's gender - which we all have already known.

My baby girl's face at 35 weeks and 3 days: Still growing.
Baby's weight: 2.3kg.

My baby's weight gained a little bit in these two weeks because I myself didn't gain so much weight either recently. In total, I gained 13.5kg by now. My Gynae said my baby's current estimated weight is still within the normal range considering that I have a 'slim' pregnant build. Therefore it is best if my baby's size is not too big, else I'd have problems in delivering her. Nevertheless, my Gynae mentioned that I should not worry much about the baby's weight as she'll definitely pile more fats up, thus get heavier, in the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy. Meanwhile, I am still required to monitor my baby movements on daily basis as usual until my next Gynae visit in two weeks' time. 

Doctor bills: RM 56.50 (for the Gynae's consultation fee and urine laboratory test).

Last but not least, with this opportunity, I'd like to wish all my Muslim blog readers, Selamat Hari Raya!

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  1. Its great to hear that ultra sound pictures allows us to view the baby movements.

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