Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pregnancy Memento at 36 Weeks

I can't believe that I have been growing and carrying a baby in my tummy for a little over than 8 months by now.

36 weeks pregnant and already gained 13.5kg. 
Thank God, I don't look that bloated.

At present, it's not easy for me to move around and honestly, sometimes I do miss my pre-pregnancy body. These days, I walk so much slower than usual, almost at my 95 years old Grandma's walking pace (err.. okay, not really, I still can walk a little faster than her!). Also, I suffer from sciatica. The shooting pains from sciatica on my right buttock area goes down all the way to the backs of my right thigh since my second trisemester and I still feel the same, if not, increasing pains until this very moment. Because of the excruciating pains on these areas, on some bad days, I have to walk with a limp, need to rest or stop for a while midway up when taking a flight of steps, cannot put on my own pants without sitting down, find it so difficult and painful to change my position when I sleep or get up after I sit down.

Anyhow, I have endured these pains for almost four months already, with no medication but analgesic balm rubs on my thigh at night, and should be able to work things out in facing these dull muscle aches for another month or so until my baby's birth day.

And oh, I think my baby presses my bladder so hard that makes me go for a wee, literally, all the time.

Can't wait to see you, baby!

I am hanging there. I am almost there.

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