Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shopping Baby Clothes

I found it impossible to resist buying adorable little outfits and other cute baby products every time I go to malls' baby department or baby shops. Some expecting mothers may wait until they are seven months along to start shopping for their babies but I started my shopping stuff for my baby way before I was seven months pregnant.

The first baby stuff I bought were two green baby jumpsuits because at that time my husband and I still didn't know the gender of the baby that we're expecting. Green is a gender-neutral colour and happens to be my favourite colour - so why not? Then, my mother, husband and I purchased some more baby clothes and other baby/newborn must-haves when we were in Indonesia few months ago because shopping there is so much cheaper plus shopping baby stuff with my mother is so much fun (as I don't get this opportunity very often...).

Some portions of baby stuff that we have accumulated so far.
They already occupy one very large luggage, I know!

Lately, I have pledged to myself not to buy too many baby-wears because my mother in Indonesia had shopped lots of baby clothes again for her first grandchild and she will bring them over when she and my Dad come to Malaysia in September. In addition, my husband and I will still need to allocate our money to buy other baby essentials, not just baby clothes that won't fit long as babies grow very fast.

However, women are still women. When they see SALES, BARGAINS, GREAT DEALS, BEST DEALS, PROMOTIONS, XX % OFF and/or DISCOUNTS signs in supermarkets, shops, malls or department stores - you name it; their pupils suddenly dilate due to excitement and they are somehow compelled not to go home empty handed. I saw 50% OFF signs in a baby shop inside a mall near Kuala Lumpur we went yesterday night and could not help myself not to enter the shop and have a really quick look around.

Moments later, my husband and I went home with another baby jumpsuit.

Another baby-wear we brought home for our baby girl last night.

Oh well, it's just too cute and quite cheap too after discount!


  1. The fun is just beginning. My daughter showed me a pic on Pinterest the other day where pregnant mom was lying on her side with the dress next to her belly (In front of her hips. Then she posted a pic in the same pose only her baby girl was in the dress in front of her hips and she showed her flat belly. It was so cute!

  2. Pure excitement! I can tell from all your posts how eager you are to welcome your newborn. Enjoy the moment, Christine. Motherhood is a gift. A rewarding gift ;) xx

  3. Haha.. Yes! I am excited indeed. Thanks all for your kind words! :-D

  4. You are right, women will always be women. How to resist shopping and for whatever reasons it may be.


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