Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pregnancy Week 29 and 4 Days: She Smiled at Us!

My husband and I just came back from my 7th month antenatal visit. We waited for about 3 hours in the hospital this morning just to see the Gynae and honestly, we both almost fell asleep in the hospital while waiting for our turn.

Enough with the queueing rants - as usual, once we saw the Gynae earlier today, she asked me about the pregnancy symptoms that I felt in the past month. I told her that I have recently been having stomach discomforts after eating. She replied that this is likely due to indigestion problem but no medication needed. Next, I stated that my joint pains on my right buttock and upper thigh are still there. She commented that these are because my joints are getting loose due to my pregnancy plus it seems like I have not been really maintaining good posture on my daily life as I tend to put extra weight on my right leg when standing up. Unfortunately, she emphasized, as my baby grows bigger, the pains will get even worse and she recommended the same thing to ease the pains - compressing the painful area with warm water bag.

Also, I shared with her that these days I have been having visual disturbances of seeing ' little stars' when I stand up after I sit down or sleep. My Gynae assured me that there is nothing wrong with my current blood pressure and these 'little stars' happened to me as my blood circulation flows more to my lower body parts or legs. As for this one, she advised me to take my sweet time when getting up from sitting or sleeping position. The last thing that I mentioned about my pregnancy discomforts was the super frequent urination that I have to go through in the past few weeks. The frequency is just awful and I literally can't stay far away from toilets. Again, she said, it is the baby. The baby has been pressuring my bladder so I get to pee more often than usual.

After the above brief consultation, here comes the most exciting part of every antenatal visit. The ultrasound scan! My Gynae explained that based on the scan, my baby is doing fine and moves very actively. So far, I have enough amniotic fluid in my uterus to keep her comfortable and my placenta is in a good position too. There is no sign of early birth as of now. The highlight of today's scan was probably the fact that we got to see my baby throwing her killer smile to the four of us (my Gynae, her nurse, my husband and me) during the 4D ultrasound scan. My Gynae said that it's a very rare occasion to notice a baby smiling from the womb! Sadly, though, my husband and I didn't get the print-out of her face when she was smiling to us.

My baby girl at 29 weeks and 4 days: Looking chubbier each day.
Baby weight: 1.6kg.

Just before we concluded our antenatal visit today, my Gynae passed me a paper with tables that I should fill out on hourly basis every day after my pregnancy hits its 30th week. The paper is actually a kick-count chart using Cardiff Count to Ten method to keep track of my baby movements. I have to make sure that my baby makes movements (kicks and hiccups) at least 10 times a day. Any number lesser than that on a particular day, then I am supposed to see my Gynae on that same day to make sure everything is okay with my baby.

Last but not least, before we headed home, I was given my second dose of (last) anti-tetanus shot. I mentioned to my Gynae that after the first injection last month, my left arm was so sore for a week, instead of a day, and I felt feverish for two days as well. She suggested me do my second anti-tetanus jab on my buttock rather than on my arm. However, when I saw the nurse was going to use a bigger needle for the jab on my buttock, I completely chickened out. I asked her to just use the small syringe with small needle and do the injection on my left arm like last month.

Next month, I am scheduled to have a Full Blood Count (FBC) test when I see my Gynae - not sure for what just yet. Once my pregnancy hit 8 months of gestation period, I will then have to see my Gynae on bi-weekly basis. How great is that? I get to see my unborn baby every two weeks' time via the ultrasound scan to monitor her developments more closely - although this will probably mean more money that Daddy needs to spend in a month for the Gynae's visits.

As for my pregnancy weight, I have put on 12 kg in total by now. I can't do anything much about my weight gain until I give birth. Therefore, in the meantime, I just have to calmly watch my weight go up, up and up for the sake of a healthy baby.

Doctor bills: RM 148.50 (for the Gynae's consultation fee, urine laboratory test, anti-tetanus injection, multivitamins and fish oil capsules).


  1. Hi Christine! Thank you sharing this with us. So much of what you describe, I've forgotten. It's fun to remember. I saw stars, too, with all 3 of my children. Not too much longer now!!

    1. Hi Stephanie, yes.. about 2 more months from now and when she arrives, I might not be able to be in front of my computer or baking so often any more for a while :D

  2. Wow! This sounds so exciting! How times have changed ...


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