Thursday, July 19, 2012

Counting the Baby's Movements: The Cardiff Count to Ten Method

A couple weeks ago, I shared that my Gynae gave me a paper with tables and asked me to start counting my baby's movements every day, almost on hourly basis, after my pregnancy hit its 30th week gestation period.

I am now about 31 weeks pregnant and have only started keeping track of my baby's movements in less than a week ago because I was so lazy to start this. My Gynae explained that the goal of this chart is to make sure that the baby makes recognizable movements at least 10 times in 12 hours. The movements may include the baby's kicks, punches, rolls, stretching or hiccups. Once the baby moves for about 10 times, I tick the chart according to the time when the baby moves. I need to make sure that the baby moves regularly.

The Cardiff Count To Ten Activity Chart I use 
to track my baby's movements.

Anyhow, I have been doing what my Gynae told me about charting the baby's movements, although I feel that it's a very tedious task, for my unborn baby's well-being' sake and because the Gynae may ask for this marked chart on my next prenatal visit.

I hope I am working on this chart in the right way.

** On a separate note, please be aware that different health practitioner may give us different method in counting the foetal movements so consult with your Gynae about his/her protocol in performing baby kick counts.


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    1. Nava, I think I accidentally deleted your comment here and I could not retrieve it! Oh my!

  2. this is the complicated kick count chart I have ever encountered. Usually the Cardif Count To Ten Chart..simply tracks movements once or twice a day (according to your practitioner's advice) and you note how long it takes to notice ten movements. It may take only a few minutes, or it could take an hour or so, depending upon the baby's pattern. I can't quite understand the type of counting in the chart above even though it is called Cardiff.
    Anyway, I assume all is well and wonderful..


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