Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Addictive Blog Award

Surprise, surprise in early July! A fellow blogger just nominated me again for another blog award. Emma, the author of Food, Fork and Good has passed me the Addictive Blog Award last night. Thank you so much, Emma, for the privilege. Emma currently lives in the UK and she shares tons of delicious recipes in her blog and that I think you should check them out.

The Addictive Blog Award.

As usual, there are rules in accepting this kind of blog award. Here they are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link them back.
  2. Share a little bit about why you started blogging.
  3. Copy and paste the award onto your blog.
  4. Nominate up to 10 other bloggers you think are addictive enough to deserve the award.

To comply with the second rule, here's a little background of my (constant) appearance in the blogosphere. Some of you might have read the history of this blog in my site's About Me section. Anyhow, I'm laying out the story again - as requested. I first started my blog in late 2008 and was inspired by some journalist/professional writer friends in Singapore who already blogged for many years. In summary, I thought of creating my very own blog by journaling whatever things in life that interest me. Recently, besides journaling my personal life, I have been blogging quite a lot about baking - my old flame and a hobby that I have nurtured since I was 12. I keep all the photos and recipes of my bakes in my blog so I have organized paper-free records of them and could share them with others who happen to have the same passion with me. Having more and more blog readers, receiving more comments on each post that I write, connecting with other fellow bloggers from around the globe and being honoured with blog awards (like this one, for instance) are the main reasons why I relentlessly keep on blogging until this very day (unless when I am ill, too flat out to type words on my laptop, extremely busy with other things on earth or have no internet connection, of course!).

Are you sleeping already? OK, so let's call the history lesson a day and move on with nominating 10 blogs that I think are addictive. It is not easy to short-list another 10 favourite blogs of mine while I just nominated 15 fantastic blogs last week when I received the Versatile Blogger Award. Therefore, I think I would have to select some of them again for this one.

Most of the above names are highly recognized avid bloggers in the region (or perhaps in the whole world, for that matter) who have been devoting so much of their time and energy in maintaining their informative and entertaining blog contents regularly. I have personally followed their blog updates for quite some time by now so I guess it's only proper if I regard their blogs as addictive (for me) to follow.

Thank you again, Emma, for the award!


  1. Congratulations! What a fantastic affirmation of what a great blogger you are!! Have a very happy week!

  2. Congrat! :D you are a great blogger

  3. Congrats Christ, I love read your blog...:D

  4. Congrats on the award and thank you so much for passing it on to me!!

  5. Hi Christine, Congratulations again!! I love your blog as you're a very adventurous blogger. Willing to learn and not giving up easily.
    Thank you very much for passing this Addictive Blog award to me. Really appreciate it :) As now I'm not in S'pore and most probably will be back to blogging in another 2-3 months but I still read your blog whenever I got the time. Hope to see more of your great recipes!!

  6. Congrats, hot mama! You deserve every bit of it ;)

  7. Congrats! Your blog is very nice and informative and thanks again for pass this award to me, I feel so honoured!


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