Friday, June 15, 2012

Pregnant and Sleeping at Night

It feels like I have not had my good night sleeps for the longest time since I got pregnant.

In the first trisemester, although my body was mostly tired, sleeping at night was not so easy for me due to the constant nausea feeling that pretty much hit me day and night.

I just want to sleep throughout the night.

Now, with bigger tummy and growing baby, sleeping at night ain't a party either because of sleep busters such as:
  • Frequent trips to the loo - but then again I just can't cut the fluid intakes down before bed time. I am always thirsty.
  • Breathlessness - often times, I feel like someone is sitting on my chest and I literally gasp for air. My husband puts an extra pillow around my back to help me breathe on some nights and it somehow helps a bit. Finding a good position just to fall asleep is a challenge now. The heavenly smell of my pillow doesn't entice me so much anymore.
  • Heartburn - say "No, thank you!" to hot and spicy food for dinner or supper!
  • Increased size of abdomen – sleeping with a tummy in a size of big watermelon is quite something.
  • Weird dreams (and nightmares) - that I think I should harvest my dreams and quickly jot them down first thing in the morning so one day I can collate the plots, put together a novel and be famous like the author of Twilight.
  • Blocked nose
  • Joint pains - I know I am turning 28 y/o this year, not 80 y/o.
  • Unbearable hunger pangs - if I don't eat my heavy dinner or miss my supper, hunger can certainly wake me up from my slumber.
  • Strong baby kicks - which I adore and there’s never a dull moment with those cute kicks.
Having said this, nowadays, it is not too uncommon for me to toss and turn around in my bed before I doze off or even find myself wide awake in the wee hours. I can even hear the sound of mice running around in the ceiling late at night and unfortunately, the noise doesn't give the same effect in lulling one to sleep as counting sheep.

As a result, I get headaches and grouchy on the next day. 

Oh well, the joy of being pregnant. Can't imagine how I'd cope with nursing my new-born every two hours at night. God, please help me.

P/S: My husband, if you read this post, I guess it’s time for you to set the mouse traps again.


  1. Would it help to tell you that you won't remember any of this the moment you see your little one for the first time? "New Mommy Amnesia" is one of nature's little miracles. Otherwise, there'd be no siblings for the first one! Best wishes for you, your baby and your husband!

  2. I came across this info in case you are interested:

    'Eat bananas! In Thailand they are used as a cure for insomnia, they contain trytophan, which is a natural sleep aid.'

  3. @Stephanie - Indeed, thanks for the reminder. I guess everything would be so worth it when I lay my eyes on hers for the first time!

    @Gabriela - Thanks so much for the tips. Checking them right now!

  4. Stephanie is right - you'll forget it all.

    The day baby arrives, it's the end of the world as you know it. Life as a mum is totally different, but so rewarding. Wouldn't change it for anything x

  5. oh - but the dreams.... yes - in glorious techni-colour and SO vivid and real !

  6. @Sarah-Jane - about the dreams, yes, tell me about them! Haha! I know - there are times when I can't wait to hold her in my arms.

  7. There is a delightful reward at the end of all of this, so keep this in mind during the unusual hours and times when you are not so comfortable. Your new journey with your little one is not far off. Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Reading through your sharing bring back memories of the same I had many years ago. Getting up and going to toilet was also so common plus my vomiting was really, about 10 times a day at times. In fact on the day I gave birth, I had throw up before delivering.

    All is worth because once you see the little one, you will feel so good. Oh yes, waking up to feed is another but sometimes some babies can sleep through.

    Get rest and take care Christine.

  9. Feel better, Christine! Remember - it will all have been so worth it at the end! I hope you find some rest!

  10. I think we are experiencing the same things! These days, I wake up at really ridiculous hours (3-4AM) wondering why the hell I was awake. -__-

    My bladder has been pretty kind, fortunately. But I've started to vomit again. D:


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