Monday, June 11, 2012

Pregnancy Week 25 and 4 Days: The 3D Ultrasound Scan and The Injection

Yesterday, I was due to see my Gynae for my antenatal monthly visit and this time around, my husband managed to accompany me. Earlier in the week, I asked my husband to remind me mention my three current major pregnancy discomforts to my Gynae when I saw her, just in case I forgot to bring them all up during the consultation. I might forget to list all the pregnancy symptoms I felt in the past month if I don't feel such symptoms when seeing my Gynae on the actual monthly visit.

Thanks to my husband's reminder, I managed to tell my Gynae my main pregnancy discomforts in the past month - especially since my tummy is getting bigger and bigger each day. They are breathlessness, pains on my right buttock and upper thigh as well as throbbing headaches. My Gynae remarked that all these pregnancy symptoms are normal and not much I nor she could do to eliminate the discomforts. Breathlessness during pregnancy normally happens when the growing baby and mother's uterus start pushing the mother's lung. Pains on my right buttocks and upper thigh are joint pains during pregnancy and can be calmed by putting a warm water bag or hot towel on the painful part. In short, I just have to bear with all these symptoms until my baby is born.

During our conversation with the Gynae, I also touched the 'labor' topics too. In principle, she encourages me to have a natural birth if there are no complications with my baby. Natural delivery in a private hospital in Seremban usually costs less than RM 2,000. Should I find the labor pains too unbearable, epidural can be used as an alternative aid during the baby's delivery. Epidural alone would cost around RM 900 if given during the day and is priced few hundreds more than RM 900 if administered at night. She would do Caesarean section on me if my baby's face doesn't point down or she is in a breech position at the time of the birth. Caesarean section in a local private hospital costs around RM 5,500 to RM 6,000.

Last month, my Gynae mentioned that my baby's estimated delivery due date would be on 20th of September 2012 (at 40 weeks gestation age). However, some babies can be born at 38-39 weeks of pregnancy and they are still considered 'full-term' babies. Say, if I deliver my baby at 38 weeks of gestation, her estimated birth date would be around 6th-7th of September 2012. This said, I might have the chance to hold my baby exactly on my birthday this year (7th of September)! Although nothing much my Gynae could do to confirm my actual baby's delivery date but she prefers me deliver my baby earlier as when my baby gets too big in my uterus, it'd be harder for me to get her out!

Moving on, my husband popped the question to my Gynae if she could do a 3D or 4D ultrasound scan when she was doing her usual ultrasound scan on my baby yesterday. She said yes! After she completed the 2D ultrasound scan on my baby's position, head, eyes, nose, lips, body, beating heart, arms and legs; my Gynae let my husband and I have a peek on our baby's face for the first time using the 3D ultrasound scan. The last time I saw my baby in 3D ultrasound scan, she gave me her backside's look.

 My baby girl at 25 weeks and 4 days: See how she opens her mouth when she's relaxing?
Baby weight: 890 gr.

 The 3D ultrasound scan: We're expecting a baby girl 
with tall nose bridge and large ears, I reckon?

The 3D ultrasound scan: A shy baby who seldom shows us her whole face during ultrasound scans.

Err.. It is obviously too early to tell but from the above photos, I'm guessing that my baby girl would look more like her Daddy when she's born. Can't wait to prove it.

We were so happy to learn that our baby is very active in the morning and during the day even though she kicks up a storm too at night. My Gynae explained that usually unborn babies are more active at night as their natural bio rhythm makes them more awake at night. That's why newborn babies cry or wake their parents up more after sundown?

As for me and my pregnancy weight, I am about 6 months pregnant now and have gained 10kg in total by far. No wonder I move and walk much slower these days plus my husband commented that my upper arms are meatier too. *Sigh*

Last but not least, before I went home yesterday, I was given my first dose of anti tetanus injection. Not sure when I'd be given the second one but this jab stung me pretty badly. This shot's side effects on me were sore (left) upper arm, mild fever and muscle pains. I felt them not long after I left the hospital and still feel them as I type this post.

Doctor bills: RM 132.80 (for the Gynae's consultation fee, urine laboratory test, anti-tetanus injection, multivitamins and fish oil capsules).


  1. Thanks so much for blogging in such detail. I'm 15 wks along and am gaining weight at the same speed as u. Also super emotional haha.

    Will be following ur blog regularly!

    1. Thank you Shania! Glad to know that you find my pregnancy posts beneficial.

      Congratulations for your pregnancy and I wish you a healthy pregnancy too!

  2. It's so amazing have a little life inside one's body! and all those changes that occur during the long 9 months journey. Oh my, I find myself checking out pregnancy posts way to much. Hahahaha.


    1. Thanks Natasha! Pregnancy is indeed so miraculous. The difference of the unborn baby when she was only 6 weeks old and now 6 months, is unbelievable! Her development is wonderful and she grows very fast inside my tummy on daily basis!

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy Christine!

    My advice (after having 2 babies) - let your body dictate when the baby will be born. Some doctors pressure their patients to schedule inductions/ C-sections unnecessarily, more for their convenience than your wellbeing. Let your body do what it's built to do.

    My second was born naturally drug-free and it was the best feeling ever!

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Allison! Yes, indeed. It's just my wishful thinking to have the same birth date as my daughter's but I won't force it.

      I'll attempt to deliver naturally though. Just like you said, natural is the best!

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy Christine!

    It's so excited to see little life inside your body! thanks for sharing.


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