Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My First Baking Class in Malaysia

On Sunday, I celebrated Father's Day by joining my first baking class in Seremban. It was a demonstration and hands-on baking class led by Chef Kevin Chai (from Kuala Lumpur, I believe). I booked this class a couple months ago for RM 100 to experience a baking class in Malaysia. Participants were told to bring some of baking utensils on their own such as rubber spatula, cake tray, cake knife, mixing bowl, and so on for the hands-on class.

The class lasted for 4 hours in total and Chef Kevin Chai did demonstrations and shared tips when making the first three recipes he created himself. During which, participants could stop him any time to ask questions about the ingredients or methods for making the first three cakes namely Fragrant Pear Wholemeal Cake, Mini Chocolate Tarts and Coconut Lime Bars.

Fragrant Pear Wholemeal Cake

The inside of Fragrant Pear Wholemeal Cake made by Chef Kevin Chai.

Mini Chocolate Tarts: So yummy!

*Pardon the blurry photos as I had to squeeze myself amongst other participants who surrounded the Chef's working table to snap the above photos*

Initially I was quite confused and did not know how the not-so-big baking workshop for the baking class could accommodate 20 something participants doing the hands-on course for the last recipe, which was Charlotte Au Chocolat. Apparently, for the hands-on class, the Chef did all the measurement of one recipe (times twenty something as there were more than 20 people joined the class) and whipping of for the mousse. He already prepared ready-to-use base cakes for Charlotte Au Chocolat, then the students were asked to mix the chocolate mousse and do the assembly of Charlotte Au Chocolat themselves before bringing it home. This said, technically, the students did not make their own cakes from scratch but only assembled the cake during the hands-on class.

Chef Kevin Chai preparing the 22 recipes of mouse for Charlotte Au Chocolate at one go. 

Making the mousse for Charlotte Au Chocolat during the hands-on baking class.

My Charlotte Au Chocolat ready to take home and put in the freezer.

In summary, I think I quite enjoyed the baking class yesterday as it was something novel for me. Although, perhaps in the future I would not join baking classes that only provide demonstrations as we can benefit pretty much the same from watching baking programs on cable TV or YouTube. However, I must say that the 'live' tips from the Chef and some questions raised by the participants during the baking class were quite insightful and we would not be able to get these from TV or YouTube. Also, another issue from the baking class I participated on Sunday was the language barrier - the class was mostly conducted in Cantonese and Malay which are not even my second language.

My Charlotte Au Chocolat for Father's Day.

I presented the above Charlotte Au Chocolat to my husband for his first Father's Day gift and we ate the cake with our nephews and nieces after we put the cake in the freezer for about 3-4 hours.

Happy (belated) Father's Day 2012!


  1. Nice cakes as seen in the pics. I like how the pear has been used to sit inside the cake. I too did attend some baking classes before and now I realized that its about practice and time you put in to learn on your own. No doubt there the check gave tips in between which was useful. Now I rather get into my kitchen, create my own recipes and learn from my own mistakes.

  2. Glad you learned something from the class and I hope you find something a little more suitable.

  3. Hi Christine, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the versatile blogger award:


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