Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Marrying A Malaysian: How to Get the Extension of Visit Pass (Part 2)

Time flies. Without realizing it, I am already almost on my third year of permanent stay in Malaysia and just applied for my third year's long-term visit pass in Malaysia this morning.

For the record, the processes and required documents for extending the long term visit pass as a spouse of Malaysian this time around were exactly the same as what my husband and I did last year. However, today I figured that applicants can actually request more than one year of visit pass extension in Malaysia. This means, we don't have to extend our visit pass in Malaysia on annual basis - instead we can ask for 2 or 5 years extension pass at one go, then only try to apply the Malaysian PR status (after 5 years of continuous stay here). If I knew about this much sooner, I would have done so last year to save the fuss in dealing with all the tedious paperwork in the local Immigration Office every year. As for my case, I was unable to apply the 2 or 5 year visit pass today because my passport is expiring in less than 2 years' time so I would need to come back to the Immigration Office again (with my new passport book) for the same purpose next year.

To apply for 2 or 5 year visit pass in Malaysia, all we have to do is write the desired length of stay in Malaysia (1, 2 or 5 years) under the Period of Extension Sought in the Application for Extension of Visit Pass Form (Permohonan Lanjutan Pas Lawatan) - orange coloured paper. After that, crossed fingers, on the next day, we'd get the visit pass sticker, with the wanted number of years, granted on our passport book.

Another lesson learnt today was to have our Malaysian spouse's presence in the Immigration office when doing all the paperwork for our visit pass at all times. My husband asked me to submit the completed forms and other required documents to one of the Immigration counters by myself as he had to run some errands in town. By the time I was called by the officer to submit the documents, he asked for my husband. Since my husband was not around, I had to queue all over again and wait until my husband came to the Immigration office to submit the documents together. Having said this, don't even think of delegating our spouse's role to our Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law, relative, best friend, neighbour nor having just ourselves in doing or submitting the visit pass documents for Malaysian's spouse in the Immigration Office. The physical presence of both applicant and the stated guarantor is required.

On another note, my husband managed to ask one of the immigration officers on the citizenship status of our child once she is born. It looks like my child will have to follow her father's citizenship, hence becoming a Malaysian, instead of having dual citizenship as I always thought. Nonetheless, when I have the opportunity, I still would like to be in touch with the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to confirm this matter.

Until then, stay tune.


  1. Hi, great blog you got going, and congrats on the pregnancy !

    You should check this LTSVP wiki page to know more about the different processes involved with applying for a LTSVP or an extension, and how to get a work endorsement: www.expatypus.com/wiki/long-term-social-visit-pass-malaysia

    Keep up the good work :)

  2. I am not sure on the process and details on the application. Quite a procedure and do check with the Indonesian embassy on the issue you feel you should clarify.

    1. Sure! Thanks for the advice. Last time I checked in Wikipedia, it looks like Malaysia doesn't allow dual citizenship but Indonesia does, for persons below 18 years old.

  3. Interesting post ... Now you know to keep your spouse by at all times :-)

  4. Hi,

    Nice blog you got here. I am a Malaysian married to a Chinese from China. I would like to get him a LTSVP. Can I know how many days do you need from the time you get your form to the time you get the pass and multiple entries visa? Thank you!

    1. If it is the first year, then it will take us about a week I think. For the subsequent years, extending the visa would only require 1 working day.

  5. Hi Christine,

    I have some questions regarding the new application of the LSVP.

    1) For the “Prove of home address (electric/water/telephone bill)”, can I use my home address at Pahang (my parent’s house)? My husband is working at Singapore now (I am Malaysian and is not working, my husband is from China). I tried to call the immigration office last time, they said LSVP only will be issued to those people who intended to live at Malaysia. So what I think is I need to give them an address in Johor to prove that we plan to live at Johor and travel to work at Singapore every day. This is what I guess only. Is it better for us to give them my home address at Pahang or find an address at Johor? The address at Johor would be quite troublesome because I need to get those bills from my relative and his IC (They told me must get the IC from the house owner).

    2) During the processing time, the officer will hold the passport of my husband? Mean that if the processing time is 1 month, my husband have to apply one month annual leave and stay one month at Malaysia?




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