Thursday, June 7, 2012

Featured in BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine's June 2012 Issue

In conjunction with the coming Father's Day in June, in late April, BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine threw a question in its forum on the fondest memory one's had with her Dad. The editor encouraged the readers to send their photo with their Dad and a little story about their most memorable moment with Dad as soon as possible. The selected photos and story would be featured in the magazine's Father's Day edition. I quickly jumped into the bandwagon. I tried to find a nice photo of me with my Dad and immediately wrote a little story about it then sent them over to the magazine's editor via email.

BabyTalk Malaysia's June 2012 Edition.

To my astonishment, when I was hunting for the magazine's latest issue yesterday night, my photo and story are featured in it. It is not a full page coverage, one page article or anything like that, but this magazine's feature left me ecstatic enough for the whole last night. On top of this, with this feature, now I can cross item no. 78 in my bucket list too.

Here are my photo and writing that are featured in BabyTalk Malaysia's June edition on page 95, under the Father's Day Tribute Section.

The one I circled: That's mine!

 The wedding photo I chose for the challenge.

What I say about my fondest memory with my Dad. 
Happy Father's Day, Pa!

I was so happy the moment I discovered my pictures and story featured in the magazine when flipping through the magazine's pages in the magazine stall last night. I could not contain the excitement, thus, the first person I showed my picture to and told that I appear in the magazine that I was going to buy was the magazine stall's owner in her cashier counter, right before paying her. She went like, "Oh, ya loh!" Then, came my husband who was equally surprised when I shared him the news.

I may sound a bit hyperbolic with this whole magazine's little feature thing but again, I could not help it. *Aiming for an article feature in the magazine in the near future*

By the way, early last month, I got a call from the magazine's editor to do a maternity dress photo shoot in Kuala Lumpur after I sent two of my maternity pictures to her. Unfortunately, my husband was very sick and in hospice care longer than I thought, hence I missed the chance to be their model! I mean who knew that I'd have the chance to do modelling opportunity with protruding tummy and chubbier cheeks like now! Anyway, the ordeal was not fated and the good thing is I am still featured in their magazine in another way and am very happy with that.

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  1. Reading through your sharing about your relationship with dad is really touching and got me a bit emotional. I also got to see you in the wedding gown. I am really happy for you. Though you could not make it for the next photo-shot, never mine as I am sure other chance will come soon. Keep writing and my support all the way.


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