Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pregnancy Week 21 and 4 Days: The Anomaly Scan

Last Sunday, I had my monthly Gynae visit in the hospital. My Mother-in-Law dropped me in the hospital at 9 in the morning then I waited for my turn alone and saw the Gynae all by myself about one and a half hour later. Actually, it was not my first time seeing the Gynae alone (there were times when my husband was busy on weekdays and just dropped/picked me up in the hospital), but it was indeed my first time of having my husband's total absence from the whole Gynae visit thing as he was admitted in different hospital at that time. And honestly, I felt a tad of sadness.

Nevertheless, the show must go on and here's the summary of what happened during my Gynae visit on last weekend.

As per the routine practice, before I could see the Gynae, the nurse took my urine sample and weighed me. When I finally saw my Gynae on last Sunday, I was 21 weeks and 4 days pregnant. As usual, the moment I sat in front of my Gynae in her office, she asked me several questions on the pregnancy symptoms that I felt in the past month and then did an ultrasound scan on me. What was different during the ultrasound scan last Sunday was that the Gynae did a really detailed top to bottom scan or anomaly scan on my baby, something that has never been done on me or my baby thus far.

My baby girl at 21 weeks and 4 days.
The above is, I believe, the ultrasound scan picture of her spine.

At 20-22 weeks gestation age, usually a Gynae would do an anomaly scan on the baby and the uterus. This mid pregnancy scan is done at the stage when the baby already developed his/her important organs and is not too big in size to be comprehensively studied. Below are the things that my Gynae examined during my anomaly scan:
  • My placenta location - which was not low, but lies near the top of my uterus (Perfect!)
  • Baby's head position - surprisingly, my baby's head is already facing down or near my cervix. The Gynae said that the baby's head down at this stage is not an issue as long as my placenta lies on top.
  • Baby's head circumference and brain 
  • Baby's facial structures - eyes, nose, lips
  • Baby's arms, legs, hands, feet and fingers - but we did not count all of the baby's fingers
  • Baby's spine
  • Baby's abdominal section and internal organs like liver and two kidneys
  • Baby's heart - the four heart chambers and the valves which open and close with each heartbeat
  • Baby's genitalia area - it's confirmed once again that my husband and I are expecting a girl!
  • The predicted date of baby delivery based on the current baby size: 20 September 2012. My Gynae said the estimated due date generated from the ultrasound scan machine is generally accurate unless the mother has placenta problem which may cause premature delivery or the baby is too big which promotes more than 40 weeks of gestation period.

After this thorough scan that lasted slightly longer than the usual ultrasound scans before, my Gynae concluded that my baby is doing really fine and normal. *so happy and relieved to hear this!* My Gynae also mentioned that I am having a one very active baby. We saw her kicking, flipping, doing somersault and moving around inside my tummy and I felt all those foetus movements when she actually did all those!

As for me, I have gained a total of 7 kg by now! Heavy or what? At the moment, to accommodate my growing belly, I have been wearing loose pants/leggings and pregnancy pants. 

Doctor bills: RM 140.10 (for the Gynae's consultation fee, urine laboratory test, multivitamins, fish oils and calcium capsules).


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