Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pregnancy Week 20: A Sick Week

My husband and I just came back to Seremban from a ten-day holiday in Indonesia on Monday late night and guess what we got as our mementos from our 'balik kampung' trip this time around? Flu bugs and other viruses.

I was pretty ill with flu and sore throat since last Friday. It looked like during my visit in my home town, there were lots of people suffered from the flu spread or perhaps I indulged myself with too much delectable fried and spicy food plus cold drinks that I heavily craved in the past few months; hence I deserved these flu and sore throat. In the first few days, I medicated myself with liang cha and some medicine leftover I got from my doctor when I was down with flu during my early pregnancy but I was not getting better. After four relentless days of nursing runny nose, mild fever, sore throat and chesty cough; my husband (who seemed like having the flu symptoms from me as well) took me to the hospital yesterday afternoon, out of my monthly Gynae visitation schedule, to possibly see my Gynae and get some medications from her.

I was surprised when my Gynae refused to see me when I turned up ad hoc to the hospital yesterday. She had too many patients with prior appointments on hand and transferred me to one of the practising general physicians in the hospital instead. A drawback of seeing doctor from a famous hospital in town, I reckon? In the end, I got no choice but seeing one of the available general physicians in the hospital to cure my flu and cough. I was prescribed with some flu and cough medicines, antibiotic pills to be completed in five days and vitamin C. Again, I was perplexed with the fact that the consultation fee for seeing general physician in the hospital cost me more than half of the usual Gynae's consultation fee.

In the meantime, my husband's body temperature was heightened in the evening and he developed rashes all over in his body. My mother-in-law quickly brought him to see one of the doctors in the neighbourhood. While I naively thought that he was having severe flu just like me, to rub salt into the wound, his doctor diagnosed him with German Measles or more commonly known as Rubella. What a timing! I have no idea where he contracted Rubella virus but this virus is undoubtedly one of the viruses that pregnant women most scared of as it may harm the unborn baby, particularly during early pregnancy. Since my pregnancy is already more than 20 weeks along and I had Rubella IgG antibody detected from my previous antenatal blood test result, I really hope my baby and I are not affected by my husband's disease.

As of last night, my husband has been sleeping in different room as he does not want to spread his virus to his pregnant wife. While we are recuperating from our diseases under the same roof, both of us have been trying to minimise physical contacts by not interacting much and resting in different rooms for our baby's sake. It's indeed a hard time for us to maintain a distance when we both are currently sick as we are unable to support or take care of each other under the current circumstances.

After a lot of sleeping and doctor's medication, I feel slightly better today. At least I am not coughing my lungs out any more, like in the past few days. However, moving forward, I will have to address the latter case when I am scheduled to see my Gynae this Sunday. I am praying that my baby is doing all fine!

Lastly, I never thought that I would be falling sick so many times during my pregnancy although I have been trying to stay healthy all the time. Weird, huh? Is it really my weakened immune system or mere bad lucks?

What a gloomy Monday to start off.

Get well soon, my husband!! We miss you already.

Doctor bills: RM 160.35 (for general physician's consultation fee, antibiotics, cough syrup, flu medicines and vitamin C).

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