Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Painting Gifts

When I was younger, I always looked up to one of my uncles who is a painter. I wished I could have had a little of his painting talent and skill so I could do this prestigious hobby that people always admire - just like him. As time went by, despite my keen interest and trials in exploring oil and water-colour paintings plus my participation at a painting class as an extra curricular activity in junior high school, I soon realized that painting was not really for me. I could not keep up. So, I moved on to other things.

The above-mentioned uncle of mine is a polished painter who specializes in Chinese brush and water-colour paintings as well as calligraphy. He began painting since his teen and never ceases perfecting his skills during his leisure time to date. He is particularly into painting horses - brave and faithful animals that endure hard work. Moreover, he explained that it took him many years to paint horses in their perfect shape as horse is a difficult object to master on paper and he can't afford making any mistake on one paper when painting it. All of his efforts certainly paid off - my uncle now is one of most sought-after Chinese painters in my home town. Some of his portfolios had been featured in some local and overseas exhibitions and printed publications. People also find him to get advice and comments on their paintings or Chinese calligraphy works. *so proud of him*

On our last visit to my home town in Indonesia, my husband and I dropped by my uncle's house and to our surprise, he then asked us to choose some of his paintings for us to bring back to Malaysia. At that time, he just did around 50 water-colour paintings on various themes in a month time, just because he was so in the mood. Shortly after, my husband and I were very busy choosing some of his painting works for our future house.

My uncle in his studio: Adding his signature on our selected horse brush painting.

My husband, my uncle and our horse painting.

A single stroke horse painting that my uncle could finish in 5 minutes.
*Very expensive*

My uncle also purposely painted and gave me this water-colour scenery painting. 
He knows that his niece fancies green colour that much!

The other water colour painting that my husband chose.

Like my husband said, we'd definitely find the most visible spots in our new house to hang all these paintings from my uncle after we frame them. We'd also add two warm white bulbs on top of the paintings to keep them cozy. Simply because they are so precious!

Can't wait to see my uncle fulfil his ultimate dream as a painter - to have his very own painting exhibition! I would not miss that one when that happens.

Big thank you to my uncle for all the hand made beautiful paintings!


  1. You are lucky to have someone with this kind of talent in your family. They are kind of the driving force to creativity. With all the schools in the US cutting back on art and music, kids do still need exposure to that! Thanks for sharing your uncle's talent.

    1. Hi Tina, thanks for your comment. Yes, you are right -kids need exposure on art and music. Having talent and skills in art and music is indeed fascinating and should be nurtured since young.

  2. Very nice and am admiring the painting all the way. I think painting is all about being creative and I can certainly see that in your uncle. I can't paint for nuts and not for me.


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