Monday, April 23, 2012

Pregnancy Week 18 and 5 Days: Hemorrhoids and Gender Revelation

When I woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday, I noticed a little of bright red blood on my pantyliner. Slightly panicking, I instantly informed this to my husband. I gradually became worried sick after the light blood discovery on my pants while my husband managed to stay composed. We both were not sure whether the blood came from my uterus or from the constipation problem that I experienced in the past two days. Passing motion was quite painful for me in these couple of days and I have been finding a little of blood on my toilet paper when I wiped my bottom.

Moving forward, I immediately asked my pregnant friends and some other friends who have given birth before via SMS and online chats to see if they ever experienced the same bleeding during their second tri-semester before. Some of them alerted me to go to the hospital immediately, get my baby checked and do a total bed rest. Some of them suspected that I probably suffer from early Hemorrhoids (piles) which are more common for women in their late pregnancy.

In the end, as per my parents' and husband's advice, I decided not to get too stressed out with this mild bleeding, pray more and rest at home since my Gynae doesn't practice in the hospital on Sunday night and I didn't encounter more blood on my pantyliner any more. I opted to check this matter with my Gynae first thing in the next morning. 

My husband sent me to the hospital this early morning but we were told that my Gynae was on leave until Wednesday. Thus, the would-be father advised me to see other available Gynaes in the hospital instead.

Next, during consultation, the other Gynae I visited this morning quickly did an ultrasound scan on my tummy to check if there was anything wrong with my baby, cervix or placenta location. From the ultrasound scan, she said that my baby was doing fine and there was no problem with my uterus. She confirmed that I had piles and prescribed me with fibre solution drinks to be continuously taken in the next 10 days to soften my stools. She also mentioned that if passing motion gets really painful later on, I should see doctor again and get my anus checked. Worst case, the doctor might have to insert medicines on my anus manually to relief the pain. *ouch!* I really hope the latter will not happen.

Looking on the bright side, I could not resist the strong temptation to pop the baby's gender question to the Gynae (again) and finally received the answer of my long awaited curiosity.

The Gynae stated that at almost 5 months of gestation period, we should have 100% accuracy in determining the baby's gender by now. Subsequent a brief ultrasound check on the baby's genitalia, it looks like that my husband and I are expecting *drumrolls*...... a BABY GIRL!!

My baby girl at 18 weeks and 5 days.
Baby size: 12.9cm/Baby weight: 292 gr.

My world is kind of pink now!

Doctor bills: RM 154.50 (for the Gynae's consultation fee, fibre solutions, multivitamins and fish oil capsules).


  1. Bleeding hemorrhoids is one the extreme stage of this disease.

  2. Hiya! Just dropped by from the Blog Awards. Congrats on your baby girl! :)

  3. It’s really very painful to carry on hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids patient suffering in discomfort all the day long. i think we need to prevent it as early as possible.


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