Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pregnancy Week 15: Curiosity and Other Pregnancy Symptoms

I had been longing for 31st of March 2012 (yesterday) to come for about month and counting down the days and night like there was no tomorrow. I deemed that 31st of March was crucial for me as it was the day that my pregnancy would hit about four months gestation age. Moreover, on 31st of March, I was scheduled to see my Gynae's for my regular monthly check up and (yesterday) had extremely high expectation in discovering the gender of my unborn baby. But... more about the baby's gender discovery story later.

When I saw my Gynae yesterday morning, before doing the ultrasound scan on my tummy, she asked me to update her on the pregnancy symptoms that I felt in the past month. The following is the summary of my pregnancy symptoms and updates as it progresses into the fourth month.

  • Experienced mild nosebleed - but the Gynae found that nosebleed is a common pregnancy symptom, so no worries about this.
  • Struggled with sensitive gums for a couple of weeks. I thought I had cavities or widening gap between my teeth as I kept on having food stuck in my teeth after meal. Again, the Gynae thought that sensitive gums are often experienced by pregnant mothers too and advised me to rinse my mouth with antiseptic mouthwash to reduce the discomforts from sensitive gums, no need to see the dentist.
  • Kept having the strong feeling to vomit when I brush my teeth. For this one, she told me to change my tooth paste brand to Sensodyne as now I am kind of sensitive to normal tooth pastes.
  • Been having more frequent urinations, especially at night. It's crazy!
  • Been having horrible PMS-like mood swings that ate my husband inside out. I was angry, sad, miserable and overreacted to some unnecessary happenings in my daily life. I had probably three crying spells and emotional meltdowns in the past month alone and many times, I thought that I was heading into a deep dark depression state. My Gynae calmed me down and said that I was nowhere near depression. She explained that hormonal mood swings are normal on expectant mothers and they should be gone by the time the pregnancy hit the 20th to 30th week. However, she emphasized that the mood swings might visit pregnant mothers again during the last tri-semester though. So, expectant Dads, be ready!
  • Occasionally had lower back pains and relied on pain relief liniment on some awful days.
  • Had increased appetite. I felt like I have to eat something in every three hours. 
  • Craved for and actually ate more fresh fruits and vegetables on daily basis, which are good things, I guess.
  • Gained 2kg in the past month. My total weight gain since I got pregnant so far is 4,5 kg - this said, I have successfully upgraded my pants size from M to L. *sweat*
  • Had normal blood pressure at 100/60.

I was supposed to do antenatal blood test on my next Gynae's visit but since I had done this about a month before I got pregnant, I could actually skip this and save few hundreds RM after I submitted the blood test result to my Gynae yesterday. Also, my husband and I plan to travel to Indonesia sometime next month so the Gynae released a letter stating that I am pregnant and fit to travel by air for the airline officer's use, when necessary.

Last but not least, below is the latest ultrasound scan photo of my baby that the Gynae took yesterday:

15 weeks and 3 days: Baby size is now 10.61cm.
Husband and I saw our baby's little fingers and 
heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time, after I requested it.

I was so anxious when the Gynae did the ultrasound scan on my tummy yesterday and I kept on raising the burning question on my baby's gender. I thought that we could find out about the gender when the unborn baby is about four months old. I asked her about the baby's gender three times but in the end the Gynae said she could not tell yet. What a shame! Now we have to wait for more than a month to try peeking at my baby's gender again! Nevertheless, I did understand that probably the Gynae only wanted to give us the firm answer when the baby is big enough to give a clearer ultrasound view on his/her gender. Otherwise, she might have to carry the embarrassment of telling the wrong gender prediction to the parents-to-be and clearly, she doesn't want this.

To conclude, honestly, at this moment, I must admit that I am dying to unfold God's one huge mystery in my life: Is it pink or blue?

Patience is indeed a virtue.

Doctor bills: RM 139.10 (for the Gynae's consultation fee, urine laboratory test, multivitamins, fish oils and 600mg calcium dietary supplement capsules).


  1. kalo ga sabar nunggu pink ato biru, shoppingnya pukul rata kuning semua Tin!!!! wkwkwkwk...

  2. Haha iya Va.. masuk akal. Bakale aku beli warna ijo semua krn aku suka ijo.. peduli amat haha...

  3. Great post, am still in my 10th week and thanks for making me proactive!@ Thanks Lisa!!Pregnancy Week by Week

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy Lisa! Take care.


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