Thursday, April 12, 2012

Late Night Couple Photo Shoot in Seremban

It was one dull Saturday night in end of March for my husband and me. We were running out of places in town to visit, already had our dinner and wanted to spend some time alone outside the house.

After exchanging few ideas, my husband and I decided to crash our best friend's house without notice. Fortunately, he was at home and got nothing much to do either to spend Saturday night. 

In his house, initially we watched one of western films from his flick collections that my husband and I randomly chose. About an hour into the movie, three of us became wilted vegetables in front of his TV screen. The movie that my husband and I selected was accidentally plain boring. Shortly, we told him that perhaps the three of us should just go out and have a drink in a nearby cafe or something. 

When we were in his front door ready to go out, our friend had a change of heart and gave us a better idea to kill the night - taking some impromptu late night couple photos in a stretch of vintage shops area along Jalan Kong Sang in Seremban. He would be the photographer (as he is) and my husband and I would act as the models.

I hesitated a bit in the beginning since I did not put any make up at all that night and my eyes looked swollen after an episode of crying spells and emotional meltdown at home earlier that day (blame this on my pregnancy hormones again!). In the end, I was like what the heck. Our friend is a trained photographer and he knows how to avoid (my face's) bad angles. Furthermore, photo editing software is so amazing nowadays and our friend has a good Photoshop skill too. Thus, my husband and I quickly replied him with "Yes! Why not?"

We spent about one hour posing here and there in this old shops area. It was quite late at night so no shop was in operation. Some people passing by the area gave us some weird glances; nonetheless, we carried our business on.

Following are some of the selected results of our late night photo shoots along Jalan Kong San, Seremban.

**All photo credits by Wong Seng Teck**

I must say that I felt like my husband and I were taking our pre-wedding photos all over again. However, this time around we did it sans fee, make-up and beautiful costumes. I was trying to conceal my pregnant tummy but could not help to showcase my puffy eyes (and chubbier cheeks). 

P/S: Thanks for the opportunity to be your impromptu models, Seng Teck! Let's do this again sometime soon.


  1. The 3rd shot is beautifully taken! Love the contrasting feel of the shades...

  2. I love how you guys were in shorts and barefooted

  3. Thanks for the compliments!
    @muchang We were not barefooted that night, probably it's the lighting effects that made us look like barefooted in the photo :D


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