Saturday, March 24, 2012

Road Trip to Mersing and Tanjung Leman, Johor

Earlier this month, my husband took me to Mersing and Tanjung Leman in Johor for a 4D3N weekend trip. Well, it was actually not quite a holiday for us since my husband had to work during his stay there. I spent most of my days in the hotel room, doing my own work stuff.

It was my first time spending some time in the town centre of Mersing. All this while, I always felt that this place called Mersing was so remote, small and boring. I mean the fact that we can actually circle the town center by car in less than 10 minutes was actually my main point here. There's nothing much there. My perspective about this place slightly changed when I realized that there were lots of foreign tourists staying or transiting there since Mersing hosts the jetty to go to the famous Tioman Island. This place turns out to be not that pathetic!

First thing first, to get to Mersing, we have to go through a rather long road trip, about 2 hours by car from Johor Bahru. During this trip, palm oil plantations (on our right, left, front and back sides) were pretty much the main views that we're going to see.

A wild boar I spotted in the palm oil plantation on our way to Mersing.

I didn't explore much things or places when I was in Mersing. Moreover, sadly I must say that I was not so much impressed with the local food there except the Western Food that we enjoyed at a restaurant called The Port (forgot to take the photos of the good food served there as my husband and I were starving already) and the Fish Ball Noodles from Restoran Hai Soon that my husband and I tried right before we left Mersing. We had fish ball noodles for lunch at the below restaurant which is ran by an auntie and an assistant (who speaks Hokkien all the time).

Don't judge this restaurant by its look. 
The auntie's Fish Ball noodles are quite something, in my opinion.

Lunch: I ordered Fish Ball Dry Bee Hoon

This fish ball soup makes a big difference with the whole thing. 
The secret of its heavenly taste is probably the fried pork skin cooked with the soup.

This said, I surely am going to request my husband to buy me this noodle again on our next visit to Mersing. My advice, when you happen to visit Mersing and decide to eat at this stall, please order the auntie's Fish Ball Bee Hoon Soup and Dry Fish Ball (Home-Made) Yellow Noodle.

Before we left Mersing, my husband offered me two options to spend our Saturday afternoon and Sunday in (1) Tioman Island or (2) Tanjung Leman. Since I thought that my pregnant body could not take so much turbulence from a boat ride to Tioman Island, I went ahead with his second choice.

Moving on, off we went to Tanjung Leman and we spent the night in a four-star hotel which my husband helped in building it a couple years ago, the Felda Residence Tanjung Leman. I've actually visited this hotel for many times when it was under construction but when I was there some two weekends ago, it was my inaugural time in spending the night there as a guest.

The Felda Residence, Tanjung Leman, Johor.

My husband and I didn't do much either during our overnight stay in Tanjung Leman but relaxing by the beach behind the hotel and had some serious Malay culinary tour. 

Me enjoying the breeze at the beach behind the hotel in Tanjung Leman.

Dating my husband at the beach. 
The waves was too strong and the ocean water was too dark for a swim!

My husband and I planned to swim in the hotel's large swimming pool but had to kill the idea since the hotel's swimming pool at that time was infested with some kind of algae that made its water green (and obviously I didn't want to dip my body in there and deal with skin diseases later on).

 The swimming pool at Felda Residence, Tanjung Leman. 

To cut the story short, here are the photos of some of the cheap Malay food galore that my husband and I got to enjoy when we were in Tanjung Leman.

Saturday dinner: Halal Chinese food from Tenggaroh 2. 
All these for RM 20 something (only!).

Breakfast round 1: The famous Malay Prata from Tenggaroh 3. 
Two pratas and drinks at RM 3.80 

It was my first time in eating the prata with the curry dip since I usually could not take the Indian curry taste. However, this one has some beef taste in the curry dip and it was so good.

Breakfast round 2: Lontong sayur from Tenggaroh 2.

The night before, my husband kept on singing praises of a local popular Mee Rebus from Tenggaroh 5, Tanjung Leman. However, when we hunted for one, we were not able to taste it as the seller already ran out of the food when we got to the stall. Bad luck or what?

I guess that was about it for our short weekend trip in Mersing and Tanjung Leman. On Sunday afternoon, after we checked out from the hotel in Tanjung Leman, we decided to head home to Seremban. On our way back, my husband had his favourite Wild Boar Noodles in Kluang for lunch.

Wild Boar Noodles from Kluang. 
I don't like it because it is cooked with lots of ginger.

What a short trip with not much activities but lots of driving and food, I guess. But that's the beauty of a road trip, right?


  1. Wow, can see wild boar without having to hunt for them? There must be plenty of them there then.

    Their meat would not be that 'original' since they r feeding on palm oil, unlike those in the jungle. Tasty!

  2. Yes, there are lots of wild boars in this area and they usually come in groups. The palm oil plantations are located next to the jungle I guess so I think the wild boar meat might taste original. Not so sure about this one though...

  3. You obviously didn't spot the good food ard that area.


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