Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rawa Steamboat in Johor Bahru and A Wedding in Singapore

On occasional basis, I like eating all-you-can-eat steamboat, especially when I have just starved myself for few good hours. Moreover, I particularly love a steamboat restaurant that also provides a DIY grill, in other words, it is a steamboat cum grill restaurant.

Last week, my husband and I were invited to a good friend's wedding (buffet lunch) celebration in Singapore so we decided to spend a night in Johor Bahru and cross over to Singapore in the next early morning for the wedding.

When my husband asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner when we were in Johor Bahru that evening, I specifically instructed him to bring me to Rawa Steamboat (and Grill) Restaurant located at Taman Gaya, Johor Bahru. I had been there once long time ago and liked it very much.

The all-you-can-eat steamboat price per pax has increased by RM 0.50 since our last visit 
but the new pricing is still reasonable, I think.

Shortly, last Friday evening at about 6pm, my husband and I set foot at Rawa Steamboat Restaurant's premise once more. After we were seated, I quickly started 'shopping' at the restaurant's mini perishables supermarket to get all the free flow (halal) ingredients like fresh veggies, fish balls, meat, seafood and noodles for our steamboat and grill party of two. Oh, how I love the 'all-you-can-shop' part when I am at an all-you-can-eat steamboat restaurant as I could let my greed nature loose in grabbing and piling every single thing I see in front of me onto my plate.

And then the fun feast began.

Me and all my food after I 'shopped' for them.

 Our first round of steamboat and grill: Enjoying the cooking process.

 The marinated meat and seafood ready to be cooked.

 Four different sauces for dips.

The healthy dessert: Sliced watermelon that I waited for so long.
Should have taken the free flow lolly ice but there was no more space in my stomach.

Our table: Some 1.5 hours later.

My husband and I realized that both of us are no longer in our puberty phase. At this age, too much food would not make our bodies grow vertically but surely will add some inches on our bodies horizontally. We don't really want that. We both are already too old to gorge all the food like a cow. Therefore, my husband and I only lasted for two rounds of steamboat and grill until we finally gave up all the free flow food, drinks and desserts. We also did this partially because we were sort of reminded by the pearls of wisdom about dining at all-you-can eat restaurant stated at Rawa Restaurant's giant price list board behind me. It says: Eat as you want, don't waste the food. It basically subtly advises us to just give up eating when we are already full. Quit shopping or cooking the stuff at the restaurant any more although we have kind of paid for everything.

The steamboat restaurant before we left: Full house.

And this concluded our hearty dinner.

In the next morning, as planned, we headed to Singapore. I was already on my dress and make-up, so ready to attend my best friend's matrimony at 11am. Who knew and expected that when we reached Singapore immigration check point, the immigration officer spotted the expired road tax sticker on my Father-in-Law's car that we borrowed that day! He forgot to renew it and silly us, we didn't bother to check it either before we left home.

Alas, at about 10.30am both husband and I were 'kicked-out' from Singapore and escorted by a police officer to go back to Johor Bahru. Thank God, my husband's uncle in Johor Bahru managed to help my husband renew the car's road tax albeit it was Saturday.

Once this road tax issue was settled, husband and I drove back to Singapore. That morning alone, we both received two immigration stamps from Singapore and Malaysia immigration offices on our (running-out-of-empty-pages) passport books.

At last, few minutes later, we made it through Singapore again. We managed to reach Hilton Hotel, the wedding venue in Orchard Road at about 1.30pm. Lucky it was a buffet wedding celebration as we missed about three quarter parts of the wedding itinerary. When my husband and I just started eating, the bride and groom were already standing by the function room's gates to personally thank and say good bye to all the guests.

The last bits of the wedding party. 

On the bright side, I eventually attended my best friend's wedding (thanks to my husband who was very patient and calm in handling the car's expired road tax and his 'angry' wife at the same time). I was so grateful that I actually followed my husband's "better late than never" principle instead of my sullen principle of "might as well not going to the party at all as it is way too late".

At the end of the day, I felt very happy to be in Singapore that day and celebrate my good friend's big day. Further, I was really glad to catch up with some of church friends too when we were there.

The desserts at the wedding venue, the Hilton Hotel Singapore.
Some gastronomic entertainments for my husband.

My husband and I indeed had a long day in Singapore and Johor Bahru last Saturday, dramatic on some levels in fact, but very meaningful in the end.

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