Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pregnancy Week 7: The Second Scan

Today I am 7,5 weeks along with my pregnancy and was scheduled to visit my Gynae again after my first meeting with her ten days ago. My husband and I came to the hospital at about 8am plus and surprisingly; we were the second patient this morning! This said, we decided to skip our breakfast, albeit my screaming stomach, and preferred to finish our meeting with the Gynae.

At about 9am, we finally got to see the Gynae again. As planned, she did the second ultrasound on my tummy to find the baby. 30 seconds passed. We saw nothing. The Gynae kept on moving the transducer around the lower part of my tummy but she could not find a thing. Not even the picture of my amniotic sac. One minute later, still nothing. All of sudden, I got pretty scared. Finally, the Gynae gave up and told me two things in order to detect the baby inside my uterus. One, she would need to ask for my permission to do vaginal ultrasound. Two, I would need to drink a lot of water to produce enough fluid in my amnion sac, which would make it more visible via ultrasound scan. First option was obviously a big no-no to me. The thought of having the invasive vaginal ultrasound on me was really creepy and unimaginable. In the end, we decided to go for breakfast first and make me drink a lot of water, then come back to see the Gynae about 30-45 minutes later.

After breakfast, we saw the Gynae for the second time this morning alone. She attempted the ultrasound scan on my tummy again and after a difficult search, we finally managed to see the baby! Just for one time. After that, the Gynae was trying hard to look for the baby again but apparently, the baby was just too shy to show us his/her body for the second time. Seemingly, my baby inside the uterus moves a lot, like every second. That's why; we could not find him/her again. My Gynae gave up again and asked me to come back one month from now for the third scan.

7 Weeks and 3 Days: Meeting my unborn baby (in yellow circle) for the first time. 
It's simply amazing.
Baby size: 0.73cm.

Today marked the first time that my husband and I saw our baby and I was just so blown away with this experience. I was really grateful when the Gynae finally found the baby inside my uterus through the ultrasound scan and said that everything was fine. Also, I can't stop smiling looking at my baby's pose today. In the scan photo, the baby really looks like a Sea Angel we once saw in Sentosa's Underwater World in Singapore. But seriously, it's just surreal to be able to grow a human being inside me and I am really thankful for this, despite all the pregnancy symptoms that I have to date.

Pregnancy symptoms and titbits at week 7:

  • The nausea feeling has somewhat magically gone this week and I am praying for this peaceful feeling to last until the end of my first tri-semester and later. The Gynae mentioned that nausea is actually good for the baby's development because that means I have enough pregnancy hormones. But no doubt, it's torturing me.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Craving for literally a lot of things and could not stop thinking about food, even at night.
  • Unable to sleep well throughout the night. The Gynae mentioned that this symptom is very normal for the first tri-semester. It will be gone by the second tri-semester but will come back again for the third tri-semester. Duh! And oh, she emphasized that after I give birth, I am confirmed to bid farewell to my good night sleeps. Tell me about it!
  • Feeling weird uncomfortable sensation in my stomach during my sleep time at night. It feels more like an indigestion problem or something.
  • Having tender (sore) breasts.
  • Experiencing frequent urinations, especially at night.
  • Feeling dehydrated most of the time. I really appreciate the goodness of plain mineral water these days and totally love drinking it.
  • Can't stand the smell of fried fish and hence, do not feel like eating it too. I really feel dizzy when my Mother-in-Law starts frying meat or fish in her kitchen and the horrible smell fills the whole house.
  • Finding the joy in eating savoury and salty BBQ Potato Chips and French (or Curly) Fries although I know I should limit consuming this junk food due to its soaring high fat, salt and MSG contents.
  • The lower part of my tummy has somewhat grown bigger and I really need to start shopping for bigger pants real soon.
  • Gained about 2 kg so far.

That's about it and my next Gynae appointment would be next month. Next month, my pregnancy would hit the 11th or 12th week and by then, the Gynae will officially 'open the book' for me by starting to periodically chart my weight, blood pressure, baby size, etc. They just do not do all these recordings for pregnancy under three months. More updates then!

Doctor's bills: RM 243 (for the Gynae's consultation's fee and Duphaston/the progesterone tablets).

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