Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pregnancy Memento at 8 Weeks

This evening my husband purposely took some photos of his pregnant wife as keepsakes.

8 February 2012: Me at 8 weeks pregnancy.

2 months pregnant.

In the photos above, I am two months pregnant with my first child and my tummy has shown a little bit as if I just ate too much fish ball noodles.

I asked my brother in Indonesia to help me edit the photos because I don't have the software and good skills to do so. He indeed helped me a lot in improving the photos' contrasts, brightness, etc. since the photos we snapped this evening were taken under not very good lightings. Thanks for editing these pictures, bro!

By the way, I have previously shared that my younger brother in Indonesia is an avid young photographer and takes really good pictures. Therefore, I would really appreciate if you could support his works by clicking "LIKE" on his Facebook page. Many thanks in advance for your kind supports!


  1. That is exciting news and congratulations! I wish you an easy pregnancy and a healthy child! It is a very special time for you and the hubby-so be sure and celebrate. This may be the first child, but do to that there are many more firsts yet to come.

  2. Thank you very much for the best wishes, Tina! Yes, there are many more firsts to come!!! You are so right about this. :)

  3. pretty mama, take good care of yourself and your baby ^_^

  4. Congratulations!

    For a moment i thought that was Agnes Monica in the pictures.

  5. Thanks all..

    @de engineur Haha! Thanks for the compliment, I'm honoured :D

  6. Congrats! :D The pictures are lovely! Thanks for the add on Foodbuzz! Greetings from Singapore!


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