Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Short Weekend with Family

It's almost two weeks since I updated this blog. I had a busy weekend last week and was incredibly occupied with my day job which left me pretty much idle after office hours for the whole week.

Last week, my parents and brother from Indonesia had a short visit to Malaysia before they went to Thailand for a week holiday. My husband and I should have gone to Thailand with them too on Monday but due to various reasons, we had to call that plan off.

Here's some recap of how I spent my weekend with my family from Indonesia last week. Basically, on top of some culinary tour, my husband and I tried to bring them around to visit some places that they have never been around Seremban and Kuala Lumpur before. My brother who recently is so into photography wanted to take some landscape shots, so we brought them around for some sightseeing too.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

After my husband and I picked my family up at LCCT airport, we took them straight to Seremban for late lunch and some walk in Jusco Seremban as they had never gone there before. Personally, I thought Jusco in Seremban is a somewhat boring mall. This is because we got not many mall choices here in Seremban thus, our best bet is to visit Jusco every other week. I guess that explains why I deem this mall is rather boring. On the other hand, my Mom thinks that Jusco in Seremban is a quite happening mall as compared to what we have in our home town in Indonesia. Fair enough.

My Mom with the "Dragon" in Jusco Seremban. 
Finally they got rid of the "Rabbit".

My Parents-in-Law invited my parents and brother for an early CNY dinner at Min Kok Restaurant and I was so excited to introduce Lo Hei Yu Sheng to three of them as we don't practice this in Indonesia.

Yu Sheng: Getting ready for the Prosperity Toss.

Early CNY Dinner in 2012.

My family thought Lo Hei Yu Sheng tradition was really fun and interesting to do but my brother was not impressed with its taste. The pickled ginger must have been the culprit here.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

My brother requested Dim Sum breakfast so we brought all of them to one at Min Kok Restaurant. They were pretty amazed at the long queue just for having Dim Sum at this humongous restaurant on a normal Sunday morning.

Dim Sum breakfast at Min Kok Restaurant, Seremban.

My brother was looking forward for some landscape photography sessions so my husband suggested us visit some local waterfalls area in Seremban for him. My husband chose Ulu Bendul Recreational Park for my brother's photography session but in the end, he was not quite happy with it because the place was quite dirty and to see the waterfall, we would have to walk for about 30 mins from the entrance. This said, after a quick peek at this recreational park, all of us decided to move to Kuala Lumpur for some shopping spree instead.

A river view at Ulu Bendul Recreational Park taken by my husband.

Family picture at Ulu Bendul Recreational Park.

In general, Indonesians love coffee and some really have to take at least a cup every day. After Ulu Bendul, my brother felt the kick to have his daily coffee intake since he had not had his share in the morning. As requested, we brought them to OldTown Cafe. My brother is a big fan of OldTown's white coffee and butter kaya toast, not sure why.

My Dad and his Old Town's cup of coffee.

My husband and I had actually taken my family to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall back in September but since we could not think of a better mall in Kuala Lumpur for them to check out, last week, we made them to take a walk there again. It was okay though. My parents thought the shopping malls in Malaysia are super happening during CNY seasons and my brother indeed had a fruitful shopping frenzy in Kuala Lumpur.

My parents at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

In late evening, my husband brought us to Port Dickson which is only about 30 minutes away from Seremban. He wanted my brother to capture the sunset beach photos as he was so keen to do some landscape photo shoots when he was here. My parents really enjoyed the evening by the beach - appreciating the scenery and playing with some sea water. Seemingly, it's been ages since they last went to a beach.

 My thoughtful husband purposely bought a picnic beach rug and ice creams for us.

My serious photographer brother. 
He even skipped his ice cream as he was so in the mood!

My Mom and I playing with some sea water.

It was low tide when we came to Port Dickson before sunset. We had to walk on a vast sandy area before we finally put our feet in the sea water. However, once the sun set and the sky was getting darker and darker, the water level gradually got higher and higher. Thus, the sandy part of the beach that we witnessed earlier was almost gone it was mostly covered with water again.

See the hollows in the sand? Those are homes to creepy mini crabs.

Almost sunset?

Our tour leader and driver for the weekend.

My husband bought Burger Ramly, Malaysian-style burger, for my family to try. 
My brother said the burger tasted weird. Sorry, no pun intended.

A golden moment for father and son?

A beautiful family portrait when we were in Port Dickson, taken by my brother.
**Photo credits by Juan**

Husband and I at Port Dickson.
**Photo credits by Juan**

The relaxing evening by the beach was then followed by a seafood dinner near Port Dickson, which my Dad thought was really delicious, before we finally headed back to Seremban and called it for a day.

Monday, 16 January 2012

It's time for sayonara with my family. *sobs* After quick breakfast with my parents-in-law; my husband and I had to send my family back to the airport to catch their afternoon flight to Krabi.

I wish I could go with them for a week long holiday.

I hate goodbyes. And I could not wait for my next visit to Indonesia again, hopefully very soon.


  1. It looks like you had a busy, but delightful visit! Thanks for sharing and the photos! It's always nice to see vacation pics!

  2. Lolz, why does your bro look so angry at Ulu BenduL?


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