Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pregnancy Week 6: Flu and Doctor Change

This week I am already six week along with my baby and on top of my pregnancy symptoms, I had to deal with irritating flu bug that lasted for days. Also, both my Mom-in-Law and Sister-in-Law had advised me to start seeing another Gynae who practices in a famous and new hospital in town. To me, seeing a doctor who practices in a famous and new hospital implies long queue, more expensive medical bills and less than 10 minutes consultation time with each patient. Actually, I have no problems with my current Gynae and in fact, I feel comfortable in her care. The problem is, she practices in a somewhat old maternity hospital in town and we are worried if this hospital doesn't have good facilities like the new one. In the end, my husband and I followed my Mom-in-Law's and Sister-in-Law's advice and saw a Gynae from the other hospital.

Pregnancy symptoms and titbits at week 6:

  • Feeling nauseous throughout the day, many times.
  • Vomiting. I never puked like this in my entire life before. Trust me.
  • Loss of appetite, due to my flu?
  • Frequent urination at day and nights. Worst is, this often breaks my good night sleeps.
  • Frequent burps.
  • Still feeling lethargic.
  • Finding it harder to button up my pants. Yes, my stomach is slowly growing in size.
  • No more drinking milk for pregnant women.

These whole pregnancy symptoms that I feel this week really torture me and often make me me think of negative stuff like "What have I done to myself?", "I knew what I signed up for but this is just too much" and "How time moves so slow..." A lot of people cheered me up by saying "Just enjoy your pregnancy!" However, I just could not figure how to enjoy the nausea or the vomiting part. In the end, I keep reminding myself to just be strong and face this like a mature woman. Anyhow, these crazy pregnancy symptoms will go away after week 12, correct? So let's just hanging there.

Moving on, two days ago, I had my first visit to the new Gynae and discovered that she is indeed a really friendly woman with motherly aura. She did the first ultrasound scan on my tummy and here's what we saw:

In yellow circle: My baby at week 6. 

My baby's first ultrasound scan.

The black peanut shell like bump (in yellow circles) in the above photos is actually my baby's 1,5cm amnion sac. We could not see the baby inside it as it is still way too small to detect. That's why; my Gynae scheduled me to see her again in the next 10 days for the second ultrasound scan. She also told me to temporarily stop consuming milk powder for pregnant women for the first three months since I am allergic to it. Apparently, this fortified milk causes me diarrhoea. So, the best bet for now is to quit it.

I mentioned to my Gynae that I had developed flu symptoms the night before but she refused to give me any medications since my pregnancy is still very early. Turned out, my flu got unbearable as the night progressed and I was not able to rest at all. My husband felt that my body temperature has risen so he tried to find me a doctor at about 10pm. Thanks to CNY, all clinics at 10pm plus here were all closed so my husband got no choice but to take me to the hospital's emergency unit to find a doctor. This said, in just one day, we had to go to the hospital twice and see two different doctors.

After two hours of queuing at night, the medical officer who attended to me in the emergency unit prescribed me panadol and another medicine for my runny nose. He said those medicines were safe enough for my pregnancy. Finally, I could have a better sleep that night although the flu symptoms didn't vanish immediately.

The key is, try not to get sick when you are pregnant! It's just troublesome as we can't randomly take any OTC drugs to alleviate the pains.

Doctor bills: RM 54 (for the Gynae's check) and RM 44 (for the flu medicines and doctor's consultation fee in the emergency unit).


  1. Hi Christine, congratulations! Is this your first baby? Exciting times, huh? I have to tell you though, don't rely solely on advice given by health practitioners or let tradition cramp your style! I've got 4 kids and did many things against advice simply because I'd done my research, read books and did what worked for me! Good Luck and don't forget to ENJOY being pregnant! Am following you on Google Connect, I'll keep in touch, visit my blog when you have time! xx

  2. Hi Lin!

    Thank you for the kind advice :) Yes, it's my first pregnancy. Everything is a bliss except the all-day-long nausea part, I guess. Stay in touch too!

  3. Congratulations! You are in store for a beautiful ride. I am now a grandmother and I still remember my pregnancy with my daughter.


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