Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pregnancy Week 5: Reality Kicks In

Some pregnant friends say they don't feel a thing during their early pregnancy. No morning sickness, no craving. Apparently this was not my case. I didn't get the luxury.

Pregnancy symptoms and titbits at week 5:

  • Felt lethargic. No energy. I found it very hard to concentrate at work.
  • Felt sleepy almost all the time. I needed to take afternoon nap for one to two hours and sleep very early at night too.
  • Had increased appetite.
  • Developed weird food cravings after heavy dinners. There's one night that I made my husband to take me out to find fruit rojak or sushi (which was forbidden) a couple hours after dinner. I also craved for ayam penyet and red fried rice.
  • Felt super nauseous when hungry.
  • Had this weird taste on my mouth.
  • Still no interest in baking or blogging.
  • Started taking milk product for pregnant women. 

And this is just the beginning!

By the way, my Sister-in-Law who just gave birth her third daughter about three months ago advised me to limit my intake of Chinese Liang Cha and young coconut drink for the first tri-semester. The goal is to keep my uterus as warm as possible for the baby, especially during the early days.

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