Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Dust on Me!

Following much contemplating on whether I should announce what's currently happening to me (since it's still pretty early and some people say do not announce this yet!), I've decided to break the news right here, right now. The longer I keep this news in the dark, the longer story that I will have to write in the later days and that would mean more homework that I need to do for my blog.

So, after months of trying and frustration in conceiving a baby, I finally got pregnant! I discovered that I was pregnant more than a couple weeks ago and this probably explains my blogging absence in the past two weeks or so. Since I got pregnant, I just became very lazy in doing anything and lost interest in all the things that I liked to do.

Here's a little story of how I found out that I was pregnant:

I figured that I was pregnant on Thursday morning (at around 5.30am), 12 January 2012 and actually, it was not exactly a month since my last period in December. I did the test pack simply because I had this monthly 'hunch' to test again and it was about three days past my usual menstruation cycle days. I used my first morning urine for the pregnancy test as to get the most accurate result.

My positive pregnancy test results!

To my surprise, I, at last, got two pink stripes that I thought were always going to be some imaginary lines. I did not entirely believe what I saw so I ran out of the toilet and woke my husband up. I decided to test again with another different brand pregnancy test pack and this time around, both husband and I were going to witness the appearance of the second line together. And yes, we still got two pink lines, although the second one was a little bit faint.

Both of us were jumping with joy to learn that we are going to be parents and I almost immediately broke this news to my parents in Indonesia. When I called them to tell them that they are going to get a grandchild this year, it was not even 6am in my home town. Both of my parents advised me to take care of myself extra carefully from now on.

At 9am, my husband took me to the Gynae who did my pre-natal blood test (and declared that I was healthy enough to get pregnant) to confirm my pregnancy. She did another pregnancy test by using a test pack and confirmed us that I am about 4-5 weeks along, judging from the second faint line on the test pack. She told me to see her again in early February for my first ultrasound scan and prescribed me with medicine that promotes stronger uterus and folic acid.

My husband broke the happy news that we are expecting a September baby to Mom-in-Law right after the Gynae's visit. Mom-in-Law immediately called Dad-in-Law to spread the news. Then, the next thing we knew, the news has spread to some cousins and aunties here in Malaysia through the grapevine.

Until few days later, I could not stop looking at the two lines in my test packs that I purposely keep. Those are probably the most beautiful two pink stripes I have ever seen in my life.

So ye-hey! I am finally pregnant. Thank God for answering my prayers! For the time being, I can literally say bye-bye to the frustration in getting pregnant, the peer pressures to get pregnant and test packs.

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