Thursday, December 29, 2011

When Small Things Turn Into Bigger Things

In end of November, I ran a Christmas Giveaway for my blog readers who live in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to give away something that is very close to my baking hobby. I gave away two baking books to two lucky winners.

Last night, one of my Christmas Giveaway winners, Jamie from Penang, wrote a beautiful story in her blog about the aftermath of the baking book that she just won.

It's such a distinctive joy for me to discover that a simple and small thing that I shared with Jamie had turned to into a much greater thing in her life.

So here's the gist of Jamie and her baking book story. At the beginning, Jamie could not do much with the baking book that I sent her because she had no oven. I reckon, most, if not all, the recipes featured in that baking book call for an oven. Needless to say, Jamie had to rest the baking book on the book shelf since there was really nothing much she could experiment with the book sans the existence of an oven in her kitchen. Knowing this, her thoughtful husband, purposely bought his wife her very first oven as a Christmas gift so she could put her first baking book into use. *Drum rolls* Jamie now has her first ever baking book and oven too. Is not this great? Thanks to her husband, all Jamie needs to do, starting from this weekend, is to test the recipes from that book with her brand new oven.

Enjoy your baking, Jamie. I'm sure you'd love your kitchen even more now!

*Thank you again to those who participated in this Giveaway. I hope to run more giveaways in the near future*


  1. Aw, what a heartwarming story!!!! Love how your simple gift was magnified!

  2. Thanks again for running the contest! You're like my si-fu now, handing me the 'manual' to master the skills. I'll be a good protege :P
    May you have a blessed holiday and a happy new year!

  3. Thanks Lizzy! I like the idea of how the spirit of giving during Christmas resonates here.

    Hey Jamie, I am also still an amateur! Hope you find the recipes on that book easy to follow.

    Wish you both a great start into 2012!

  4. Thats nice to read on what you have shared and Jamiey's baking journey.

  5. Hi Christine,
    Here's some of the wonderful blogger friends you can check out and they are all very nice:
    Kathy -
    Amelia -
    Yee Ling -

    Other wonderful foodbuzz friends:
    Bel -
    Kiran -
    Tina -
    Ann -

    Best of luck in meeting new friends.

  6. Hi Nava,

    Thanks again for the introduction. Let me check their sites.



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