Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 5 Sumptuous Food in Seremban I Like the Most

When it comes to local food of Seremban, the place where I currently reside with my husband since almost a year ago, it is generally famous for its crabs and Siew Pao (baked barbecued pork bun). I love them too but I usually consume those foods bi-annually. Reason being, the first one is rather expensive so we only eat Seremban's giant meaty crabs when there are special guests visiting us in Seremban. The latter one is cheap and nice but I think I had enough of Siew Pao when my status here was a new visitor to Seremban instead of a permanent resident of Seremban. These days, I am not too crazy about Siew Pao anymore though I can still eat them when someone in the house happens to buy them.

As you may have learned, I have a pretty established reputation as a fussy eater (thus, a pain in the neck to my husband when he needs to feed me in Malaysia). Food that I don't like after first few bites, I refuse to eat (forever!).

After testing a lot of famous local food from hawkers or restaurants in Seremban in the past two and half years or so - I have come to a conclusion that seemingly, there are only several food from Seremban that really impressed me by far. Here are the samples of few of Seremban's food that managed to pave their ways in making me constantly crave for them. This means I could eat them almost on weekly basis.

1. Beef Noodle from stall No. 742 in Pasar Besar

The very first time my then-boyfriend/now-husband introduced Seremban Beef Noodle in Pasar Besar, I was not so deeply dazzled. Back then, I kept a strong good faith that Singapore's Hock Lam Beef Noodle in Boat Quay was the best of the best.

My husband usually orders either Sugar Cane Drink or 
Young Coconut Drink when we eat Beef Noodle.

However, after my second and third visits to stall no.742 in Pasar Besar, I came to a full realization that their Beef Noodle is indeed really flavorful and distinguished. Everything is prepared in perfect composition, even its hot soup. The aroma of their Beef Noodle is amazingly strong and addictive. Last week when I ate this Beef Noodle for lunch, I told my husband that I could inhale the Beef Noodle's aroma deep into my lung as if I inhale fresh mountain air. No kidding. Their Beef Noodle smells and tastes super good.

Beef Noodle stall no. 742 in Pasar Besar, Seremban.

In Seremban alone, I have tried eating other Beef Noodles from different stalls, even the expensive ones sold by much cozier eateries. However, in my opinion, theirs are still pale in comparison from Pasar Besar stall no. 742's Beef Noodle. One drawback from my favorite Beef Noodle stall in Pasar Besar is probably their location. The food court on top of Seremban Pasar Besar is neither so clean nor hygienic, I must say. Nonetheless, my husband and I still eat this Beef Noodle at least twice a month.

2. Laksa Asia in Rahang area

I had Seremban's Laksa for the first time during my virgin trip to Malaysia. The Laksa that I once ate back in 2009 was apparently from the famous Laksa Asia Restaurant in Seremban.

Full house Laksa Asia Restaurant in Seremban.

Ever since I had my first Laksa Asia, although there are always long queues in this restaurant, I am not so keen in testing other Laksa from different restaurants in Seremban. What is unique from this restaurant's Laksa is probably their not-so-oily yet still very tasty Laksa.

The very first bowl of Asia Laksa that I ate back in 2009.

These days, when I order my Laksa from this restaurant, I specifically ask the seller to tailor it into bee hoon (vermicelli) Laksa, without chicken (which means they'd give you sliced sweetened pork instead) and no siham or shell fish (as their half cook shell fish and tastes more like blood to me).

My specially tailored Laksa: Bee Hoon Laksa with pork and without shell fish.

My husband and I usually treat ourselves with this Laksa breakfast almost once in every week.

3. Hakka Yong Tau Foo 

What I love most from Hakka Yong Tau Foo in Seremban (or perhaps in other parts of Malaysia) is the sweet dip sauce and the varied selection of food items (i.e. stuffed tofu, fish balls, bitter gourds, egg plants, etc) when eaten with my favorite dry bee hon. Sometimes when there's no sweet dip available, I do not mind eating my Yong Tau Foo with light soy sauce which is mixed with sliced bird's eye chilies.

A serving of Yong Tau Foo with Dry Bee Hoon in Seremban.

Speaking of Yong Tau Foo, I miss Singapore's style Yong Tau Foo with its spicy, sweet and sour red sauce generously poured all over the dry plain bee hoon and other boiled ingredients. Yum!

4. Italian Pizza from Oakland area

Seremban's Italian Pizza is probably the most expensive treat that I have to pay when I suffer from occasional severe Italian or western food craving. I love the thin pizza crusts from this Italian Pizza Restaurant.

Milan Pizza.

Not sure of the name of this Pizza.

 Not sure of the name of this Pizza.

In addition, their Mushroom Alfredo Spaghetti is indeed to die for.

Mushroom Alfredo Spaghetti.

As much as I want to eat these Italian food as frequent as possible, my bank account gently reminds me to hold off and think again. Yes, eating for two at this restaurant can easily cost us RM 50 or more (please do not convert this to SGD or USD) although maybe this is the normal market price for Italian food in Malaysia or particularly in Seremban.

**I am not sponsored by this Italian Pizza Restaurant to post a lot of photos of their products here. I don't know why but I somehow have a lot of their pizza photos from our previous dinners there**

5. Ah Sui's Bak Kut Teh from Lukut

I thought I would never eat pork since I never fancy eating pork, especially its belly. However, when my husband introduced me the Bak Kut Teh from Lukut, possibly the first Bak Kut Teh I ever ate in my whole life, I told myself that this dish actually not bad at all and I could take it. I slowly learned to accept the strong herbal taste from Bak Kut Teh soup and nowadays, I am completely fine with eating Bak Kut Teh (lean meat only) and do not mind enjoying it frequently.

Dry and Soup Bak Kut Teh in Lukut.

I have tried eating Bak Kut Teh from several stalls in Seremban but I feel that this Lukut Bak Kut Teh is still the best of all. Other stalls may not give enough ingredients like veggies and tofu onto the dish or put too much herbs which make the soup a bit bitter to be eaten with steamed rice.

The above are some of the good food that I tend to miss when I am overseas. Although there are definitely other good food in Seremban but I might not know all of them just yet or the rests are normally eaten less frequent than the above mentioned dishes due to various reasons.

If you happen to know some recommended local food that I should try in Seremban, do let me know!


  1. That asam laksa and Bkt are those I will want to try if in Seremban. These are my fav and can't resist them.

  2. Hi Nava, yes the laksa and BKT from here are quite good. However, the one sold in Asia Laksa Restaurant is not Asam Laksa tho'. Over here, you can get Penang Asam Laksa from Pasar Malam only.

  3. i like siew pao.. just take it this morning.

  4. You miss out one best Wonton Noodles at the old food court opposite Timiang KFC. That is the best I ever had so far. Call me up on weekend bring Shuy and you go try it out!

  5. I jus loved your blog's comments in the food which reflects my favourite too.. FYI, I was previously from seremban too but have lived in Singapore for more than 10 years by now.. Missing the food so much..

  6. Thanks for the tips..... why not put the address or GPS. After view , don't know-how to go.... potong atom....


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