Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making Soft Butter Cake with Chocolate Rice Topping

After looking at the photo of a beautifully done roll cake that my friend in Singapore, Vivi, recently did, I was immensely intrigued to make one too.

Last Saturday, Vivi was kind enough to share with me her roll cake recipe. To my surprise, her roll cake recipe does not need expensive ingredients and I pretty much had everything needed ready in my kitchen. This afternoon, I decided to experiment with her roll cake recipe. The cake batter was, in my opinion, as easy as one-two-three to make and can be prepared in a relatively short time.

The final result of the roll cake that I baked this afternoon was perfect when I took it out from the oven. Up to this point, everything was text book. However, the rolling part became a horror to me. I was too nervous and again, too chickened out to break my pretty cake into several pieces. Yep, I had no stomach for rolling the cake. Shortly, I aborted my initial mission in making a roll cake and chose the easy path instead. I spread some margarine on top of the cake and generously poured milk chocolate rice as the cake topping.

Roll Cake Interrupted.

Hey, hey, the square cake that I created today turned to be really nice. The cake has a really strong milk, vanilla and butter aromas. Its texture's extremely soft (almost melt in the mouth, I say) and a little bit spongy as well. I totally loved it! My niece ate two slices at one go. My husband praised me. In the end, I was not too disappointed with my baking frenzy today.

I am so going to repeat this recipe again and next time, I will roll the cake!

Thank you for sharing this great recipe, Vi!

P/S: If you know any tips and tricks in rolling a cake without creating too much damage on it, I'd really appreciate the learnings from you.


  1. Hi Christine,
    I am not sure how the rolled version would have look like but I admire this square shaped cake you made. Its lovely with the two different colors, what more with the choc rice topping.

    I am really like great in baking and its like once a while for me and I choose the easiest and simplest type of cakes to make, so I don't know much on the rolled cake.

    I did read your intro and just to share some on blogging - For me, its a pass time, something I occupy myself being married to busy and always travelling hubby, triggers me to invent new recipes and yes, I have gathered some great blogger friends. We comment on each others postings and recipes and learn new ones too.

  2. Hi Nava,

    Thanks for the comment, rolling a cake is always a tricky business for me.

    Hi Wilson,

    I do not mind at all sharing this cake recipe but I guess I need some clearance from my friend first, the owner of this recipe. Once she says go ahead, I will either share it here or privately over email to those who are interested.

    Thanks for dropping by again!

    Happy New Year to Nava and Wilson.



  3. What a great recipe, this looks fantastic! Love your blog, so glad to be a new follower! xoxo

  4. I love cakes that can be made with pantry items! This looks delicious! The only thing I remember about rolling a cake is putting it on a towel dusted with powdered sugar and using that to help roll...but it's been I while since I've done one!


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