Monday, December 26, 2011

One Christmas Day in Singapore

I normally go back to Indonesia for Christmas. As my husband and I just came back from Indonesia last month, it's just a little bit inconvenient for us to go to Indonesia again this month.

Knowing that my husband's family in Malaysia does not celebrate Christmas, my husband and I decided to go to Singapore to celebrate Christmas with my Indonesian Church fellows and some close friends there. It's almost a year since I left Singapore for Malaysia so I guess yesterday's idea of having a short getaway to Singapore was really timely.

The moment when our car already passed the Woodlands Immigration Check Point and when I got to see the stretch of the HDBs in Singapore again, I told myself, "Finally, Singapore once more! Just like the good old times!"

Like my last year's Christmas celebration in Singapore, I had so much fun and was really happy spending this year's Christmas with my husband and some close friends in Singapore. I got the chance to eat some Singapore's food that I had not enjoyed for quite some time by now. Above all, exactly on the Christmas Day, I think I had my Christmas spirit back. Honestly, all this while, I had been moaning on how I was going to have such a dull Christmas in Malaysia because everyone I know here seems to be not affected by the Christmas at all and looks forward for Chinese New Year instead. In fact, my Mom-in-Law already had her shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur last week to get new clothes for some family members in order to welcome the coming Chinese New Year 2012.

Back to the Christmas in Singapore topic, our Christmas road trip from Seremban to Singapore began on last Saturday afternoon. My husband and I spent the Christmas Eve in Johor Bahru because the hotel in Johor Bahru is definitely much cheaper than the ones in Singapore especially on holiday seasons like now.

On Sunday morning, we headed to Singapore at around 8.30am and about an hour later, my husband and I finally reached the Orchard Parade Hotel where my Church's Christmas service was held. When I lived in Singapore, I had the tendency to come to the Church's Sunday Service about 30 minutes late but miraculously, my husband and I were ones of the early birds for the Service yesterday.

A glimpse of our Christmas Service in Singapore yesterday. 
The sermon was about the true meaning of Christmas.
We were asked to write Christmas messages on Christmas Cards 
for the orphaned children in Batam.

I totally enjoyed yesterday's Church's Christmas Service and had a blast in meeting some Church fellows in Singapore whom I had not seen for almost a year.

 Me and one of my besties in Singapore, Ayrin.

 A group photo with Ayrin and Yanuar's family in Singapore. 
Congrats for Yanuar and Ling's baby girl arrival!

Another group photos with Church fellows in Singapore.

After quick lunch (but long queue) at ION Orchard's Food Opera, my husband and I bade farewell to some Church fellows and continued our journey to Somerset to meet other close Indonesian friends/ex-neighbours in Ang Mo Kio, where we stayed last year.

As I walked along the Orchard Road, I realized that Christmas in Singapore, as compared to other Asian countries, is always very special and happening. The Christmas ambience, especially along the Orchard Road, is very strong. The whole stretch of Orchard Road is always heavily decorated with tall and bright Christmas Trees, statues and beautiful lights. Furthermore, on the Christmas Day itself, Orchard Road's blocked from 1pm to 1am for Christmas live performances. Amazing!

A Giant Christmas Tree on Orchard Road.
My husband said this Tree's decorations looks like got under the Harry Potter's Gemino Charm
 (A spell that makes things multiply when touched).

Our friends selected a nice café in Somerset for us to sit down and chit chat over coffee. The four of us talked and talked for almost two hours until we decided to split our ways and called our catch-ups for a day as my husband and I were considering to go back to Seremban before nightfall.

Ex-neighbours in Ang Mo Kio: Hera and I.

Ex-neighbours in Ang Mo Kio: Herry, Hera's husband, and my husband. 
Thanks again for the drinks treat, Herry!

From Somerset, my husband and I went back to Orchard's Tanglin area by foot and I kid you not, Orchard Road was seriously packed with people. The crowd was quite a madness.

It was cloudy and drizzling in Singapore yesterday and there was a point when I pitied the Ice Potong sellers along the Orchard Road since I thought little people would buy their products on such a cold and windy weather. I was entirely mistaken. There were long queues for almost every Ice Potong Stall I passed by in Orchard Road.

Orchard Road's crowd on Christmas Day yesterday and notice how people queued for Ice Potong.

By the way, I could not help to snap some photos with a couple of elephants' sculptures along the Orchard Road. Singapore is currently hosting the Elephant Parade, a colourful and artistic open-air exhibition as an act to support the conservation of Asian Elephants. I understand that these gentle giants' sculptures along the Orchard Road are only temporarily displays in Singapore so I did not hesitate to take some touristy pictures with them.

I told you, I have a thing for random green objects.

Isn't this a cute elephant sculpture? Look at the puppy eyes.

On our way back to the parking lot in Orchard Parade Hotel, my husband and I got pretty hungry so we grabbed a Chicken Shoarma Kebab by the street. I think it was my first Shoarma Kebab since 2006! I believe the last time I had Shoarma Kebab was when I stayed in the Netherlands more than five years ago.

I got big Chicken Shoarma Kebab on my hand.

 Dining at Shiraz Mazzeh's Stall in Orchard Road.

The mouthwatering Shiraz Mazzeh's fresh Chicken Shoarma Kebab! 

The Shoarma Kebab Dinner practically concluded our short Christmas trip in Singapore and minutes later, we were already driving in Malaysia land. How (good) time passed so quickly!

I think I already discovered my new year resolution for 2012. To visit Singapore more often! 

Lastly, huge thanks to my husband who drove me all the way to Singapore yesterday and to all my friends whom I briefly spent time with in Singapore yesterday. It was great meeting one and each of you and hope to see you all again really soon. I apologize to some other friends whom I didn't manage to contact or meet yesterday due to time constraints. See you in Singapore next time!


  1. Christmas in Singapore is amazing, esp the decorations done up.

  2. This is my first time here actually.

    Christmas in Singapore is always amazing. I had my first experience there in 1990. I still remember the experience up to today. =)

  3. Hello, yes, Christmas in Singapore is indeed memorable. The celebrations are just massive.


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