Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Last Indonesia Trip for 2011

This year, I have been fortunate enough to have the chance to go back to my hometown in Indonesia more often than usual - thanks to my Indonesia's wedding celebration. Normally, I visit my family in Indonesia some time at mid year and end of the year (for Christmas and New Year). Sadly, I might have to skip celebrating Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012 with my family in Indonesia this December because I just came back from Indonesia last Thursday. I had to go back to Indonesia in November for my sister's wedding.

15 November 2011: My Mom and Jennifer picked us up at Juanda Airport, Surabaya.
**Photo credits by Supin**

I found my latest trip to Indonesia was kind of relaxing. I also appreciate the fact that I managed to spend a lot of quality time with family, relatives and some old friends during my nine holidays back home. My husband and I also got the chance to stay in Surabaya longer than usual because my sister's wedding was held in Surabaya.

Before my sister's wedding commenced, my husband and I didn't have much thing to do at home. As my husband and I had sort of visited most of the places of interest around Malang; thus, my Mom suggested us visit the sacred Gunung Kawi just for fun. My parents were busy then, so my husband and I went to Gunung Kawi with my uncle and aunt instead.

17 November 2011: The quiet Gunung Kawi on week days.

My uncle ordered the must-have Nasi Gunung Kawi for our lunch, not for offerings.

The famous Nasi Gunung Kawi, which I didn't really fancy. 

A couple days later, it was the time for my sister's wedding day in Surabaya and we all stayed overnight in Surabaya. Geez, I woke up before 6am to do my make-up and hair at the salon - Way, way earlier than my own wedding's salon appointment in Malang last July.

20 November 2011: My husband and I at the Church 
where my sister had her holy matrimony.

 Me with my parents. All dressed up.

Little Jennifer, dressed like a Princess, for my sister's wedding dinner.
**Photo credits by Supin**

The short reunion of three cousins from Jakarta, Malaysia and Malang.

 I finally met my cousin from Jakarta, again. 
Lucky enough to see her twice this year. 
Or maybe three, if  I can see her in Malaysia at the end of this month.

Band of cousins. 
**Photo credits by Fandy**

Posing with my most animated cousin, Rendy, during the wedding dinner.
**Photo credits by Fandy**

On the next day, I was very happy to see my BFF again, Lily. Believe it or not, we are friends since we were babies! She now lives in Surabaya with her husband and it's very kind of her to drive to our rent apartment right before we left Surabaya. We had a brief face-to-face catch up for mere thirty minutes then. It's definitely not enough but better than nothing.

21 November 2011: Lily and I. Pardon my swollen panda eyes. 
Because of my under-eye circles, Lily thought I had not showered that morning but I actually had.

On our way back to Malang, my uncle treated us the famous Kupang Lontong in Tretes. As usual, I have done my glorious culinary tour rituals in Malang but I guess this Kupang Lontong was the culinary highlight of my last trip in Indonesia since I had not eaten this food for ages. It's not easy to find sellers who can make really nice Kupang Lontong, a traditional food from East Java. This is indeed a delicious food for Indonesians but foreigners may find this food rather strange and difficult to eat. My Malaysian husband had a hard time accepting this food into his system but I totally understood his problems eating this food.

 21 November 2011: A plate of Kupang Lontong! Care for one?

Sate Kerang or Shell Fish Satay: Kupang Lontong's best friend.

In spite of the cloudy weather, from our car, we spotted the below pretty nice views of some suburb area we passed by on our way from Surabaya to Malang.

 Cloudy football field.

Although the paddy fields that we spotted were nothing compared to the ones we once saw in Sekinchan, my Mom was most impressed with the paddy plants which looked like a moving green carpet when constantly blown by the heavy wind.

The green carpet look-alike paddy field.

And you know what? After the Surabaya trip, my husband and I didn't do much things until our lazy time in Malang was up. I enjoyed the feeling of doing nothing at home, optimizing my time in playing around with my niece, Jennifer. And seriously, I think both husband and I had too much 'me-time' in Malang until we did not know what to do with ourselves anymore. I knew for sure that my husband was bored to the bone in my hometown. Pity him!

24 November 2011: Meet the cutest and smartest toddler! 
My niece, Jennifer, who is almost 3 y/o. 
She talks, sings and screams a lot now. 

Anyway, now I am back to the routine reality again in Malaysia. It's only been slightly more than a week since my last trip to my hometown, but I miss it already. I miss Jennifer!

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