Friday, December 16, 2011

A Blood Test and Liberation

My husband and I just came back from seeing a local gynaecologist and she did the pre-marital/pre-natal blood test on me after she explained about the blood screening test for pregnancy and its purposes. I was quite surprised that this test turned out to be quite cheap as compared to what I heard in Indonesia. I think pre-marital blood tests in Indonesia can easily cost us about RM 500 to RM 700. The pre-marital blood test (for the woman only) that I did just now cost RM 160 and I will get the results in two weeks from today.

The bad news is the blood test was a little bit painful. I didn't dare to look at the process when the doctor drew the blood out of my right forearm. On our way back home, I kept on whining to my husband about how painful and swollen my right forearm had become following the doctor's blood test, just like a six y/o. Then, only I realized that after I accidentally peeled the plaster out of the spot where the doctor hit me with the needle, the needle's mark on my forearm is smaller than a mosquito bite.

Moving on, the good news is the doctor told my husband and me to stop sweating about all the TTC theories that we know for the time being. Yes, she mentioned that both husband and I should refrain ourselves from all the (peer) pressures and stress that we currently face in conceiving a baby. They are not important and rather meaningless. In short, they don't do any good on us. Moreover, I reckon old folks generally won't quit their ways in pressuring their married kids to make babies even after the first child is born. I picture that after the first baby eventually pops out, their next burning question on us would be, "When are you giving a brother or sister to your kid?". Ha!

Back to TTC topic, doctor said that at this stage, it is not important for my husband and I to do any serious fertility tests that may discourage us even more since we both are still young and only recently got married. Best if I do not bother about all the old wives' tale and stories that I heard or the articles that I ever read about TTC. The super part is that I can even forget about charting my ovulation calendar at all. Yes, I can cease marking and calculating everything on the calendar because it merely ruins the good mood. The doctor's last advice for us was to take everything easy and just enjoy the TTC process.

What a HUGE relief! My husband and I can forget that we are, in fact, TTC-ing and stop pulling each other's hair about all the TTC stuff. Quit being a too serious couple and hopefully, we'll get a baby when the time is right.

And I shall listen to you, doc.

My head now is so much lighter than 4 hours ago and I can smile again like this!

My head feels so much lighter now! Whoa!

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