Friday, November 25, 2011

Surprise, Surprise!

My husband and I just came back from nine days lazy holiday at my hometown in Indonesia late last night. When I woke up this morning I was pretty much half-conscious as I was still very sleepy and tired from the long trip yesterday. Moreover, I was swamped with clearing work emails this whole morning. Thus, although today is Friday but I felt a tad of Monday blues.

Anyway, during lunch time, my husband received a call from his friend and this call instantly changed my lethargic Friday mood.

Since my husband and his friend spoke in Mandarin, I initially thought that they were talking about the wedding photo contest that we participated back in September. Once my husband hung his phone up, I made him spit every bit of the content of the phone conversations that he had with his friends out to me in English.

The brief call that my husband shared with his friend roughly sounded like this: "Hey, have you seen?" "Seen what?" "Your wedding photo! Placed as the advertisement banner of a shop in front of the market (Pasar Besar) in town. Very big photo. Half of the shop!" "Huh? What shop? The Bridal House you mean? That Bridal House was the one who took our pre-wedding photos some time ago".

Seemingly, the Bridal House that we hired to shoot our pre-wedding photos earlier this year decided to use a couple of our photos as their shop's new advertisement banner. I was really surprised and excited with this news! I gorged my lunch quickly and forced my husband to finish his real fast too so we could go to town for a while and see the banner that my husband's friend mentioned with our own eyes.

After lunch, off we went to the Bridal House. From afar, both of us really saw two of our pre-wedding photos were placed as a giant advertisement banner of the Bridal House, on top of its shop.

A really nice surprise we had today! 
Our pre-wedding photos is being showcased as 
the Bridal House's new advertisement board.

Happy to say that we are very proud with our own pre-wedding photos now. 

I was elated and felt that it's really a huge privilege for my husband and I to have our pre-wedding photos being selected for advertisement banner like this. Albeit the Bridal House never asked for permission from us for this advertisement placement but for this particular occasion, both husband and I actually do not mind at all. In fact, we both are now quite proud with our own pre-wedding photos because among all the amazing pre-wedding portfolios that the Bridal House had done so far, they chose ours.

By the way, I could not help but immediately announced this news to all my family, friends and practically to the whole world (via Facebook)! My Mom-in-Law drove all the way to town with Grandma and aunties who happened to visit us this weekend to witness our giant pre-wedding photos banner too.

So yeah, I had a happy Friday this afternoon, before the flu symptoms hit me hard at around 3pm.


  1. Woah~ such big banner? Did they pay you for that?? Hahaha... should have copyrighted it. Btw, happy wedding!!!! =D

  2. Haha yeah.. A lot of people my husband and I should charge them money but never mind. We are happy enough for being selected here. Thanks for the best wishes!


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