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Snippets of Guilin, China: Day Four

This post of my fourth day in Guilin is a long one because I have a lot of beautiful photos that I want to share here. By far, I think my day four in Guilin was the most relaxing recreation time I had there. By looking at the photos taken on our fourth day in Guilin, all the good memories of our beautiful day there were so heartfelt.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

8.30am After breakfast and checked out from the hotel in Yangshuo, we went for a river cruise at #7 Scenic Spot Destination in Guilin, the popular Li River (漓江). It is one of China's most famous scenic places and featured in many scroll paintings for the longest time. From here, we could see all the beautiful mountainous scenery that we often see in Chinese paintings. This river is also used for the natural stage of the Impression of Liu San Jie Performance. I was so happy when we were given to enjoy this river cruise because I could finally witness the beauty of all these mountains in person.

A beautiful mountain in Guilin.

Us at the Li River Cruise.

Savoring every moment and the scenery surrounds the Li River.

My husband purchased these deep-fried 'river-food' as our snacks 
when we were in the boat.

A fisherman in Li River.

The stage and audience seats of the Impression of Liu San Jie during the day.

The first official group photo with all the tour members.

11.45am Had our early lunch in a restaurant in Hezhou.

1.30pm Arrived at #8 Scenic Spot Destination in Guilin, the Gupo Mountains (姑婆山) National Forest.

Just arrived at Gubo Mountains National Forest.

When we visited the Gupo Mountains National Forest, we didn't actually go to climb the Gupo Mountain which is very tall. Instead, we explored some other parts of the national forest which are friendlier to our feet.

We all rode this car which transported us within the national forest.

The first famous part of this national forest that we explored was the White Jade Bridge (白玉桥). Yes, this is not an ordinary bridge; its barriers are made of real white jade.

 The White Jade Bridge.

The white jade used to build the bridge.

After we crossed this bridge, we saw the famous Xiangu (仙姑) Waterfall. Frankly, all waterfalls look quite the same to me; so in my opinion, there was nothing really special about this one.

In front of the Xiangu Waterfall.

Moving forward, we passed by a temple built up in a hill. Fortunately, we didn't have to go up there and visit it. *Phew!*

Ain't climbing these stairs to get to the temple, man!

Next, we arrived at an old Chinese wine factory and distillery called 九舖香 酒厂 which is not in operation anymore. We did some Chinese wine tasting at this place but didn't buy some to bring back home.

The old water wheel we saw at the old Chinese winery.

 Not sure what this water structural thing called.

 Wanna get drunk?

Our brief Chinese wine tasting 
whilst hearing all the sales speech from the salesgirl.

Bottles of Chinese wine for sale.

This is not some random preserved stuff in biology lab.
This is another type of Chinese wine
 with lots of preserved herbs and bees for sale.

One our way back to the pick-up point, we dropped by a park-like area called Five Camphor Trees Camp. Oh my God, this place has the most beautiful green scenery with lots of tall pine trees and flowers. My husband and I went gaga taking photos there.

 See those stretches of tall pine trees behind us?

 An interesting trash bin we saw at this national forest.

 My husband was busy taking photos of the flowers.

 One of my favorite photos of that day.

One of the countless pine cones found in this national forest.

The last part of this national forest that we checked out was Fang Family's Tea Garden, which is pretty similar to those massive tea gardens in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Briefly dropping by the Fang Family's Tea Garden.

My eyes were happy because of the beautiful green scenery offered by this national forest and my lung was purified after drawing fresh mountain air at this place. I love this place!

4.30pm Reached the hub of Hezhou City and had a brief walk along the stretch of shops in the city center.

 Just arrived in Hezhou.

A government building in Hezhou. 
It is famous because of its building shape and fengshui.

 Chilling in Hezhou.

A badminton aficionado who got so excited to find a Li-Ning Shop in Hezhou.

5.00pm Checked in to the hotel in Hezhou.

8.00pm After dinner, husband and I took a taxi from the hotel and went back to the Hezhou City Center to have some night walk. We hoped to shop something when we were in Hezhou but in the end, we went back to the hotel empty handed because we did not find interesting stuff to buy. I really wonder why this place hosts so many shops selling (boring) sports wears. In short, we both didn't spend so much time wandering around the city center here before going back to the hotel for rest.

That's all bout our fourth day in Guilin. More to come.

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