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Converting Indonesian Driving Licence to Malaysian Driving Licence

I had my Indonesian driving licence (SIM A) converted to (Probationary) Malaysian Driving Licence (Class D) some months ago. All I could remember now is that the conversion processes involved quite a bit of paperwork and took longer time that I thought, as usual. I chose to have a Malaysian driving licence so I could drive in Malaysia without having to carry my valid Indonesian driving licence (SIM) and passport wherever and whenever I drive here. Moreover, I hope when I, unfortunately, happen to do driving offense in Malaysia, I would not get into so much troubles with the traffic police here and pay so much money just because I drive under foreign driving licence.

Here are the overview of three main steps that we need to do to convert the valid Indonesian driving licence (SIM) to Malaysian Driving Licence. These below steps are optional, considering that there are alternative options for foreigners (holding long-term visa) in Malaysia to do all the driving tests at the local Road Transport Department/JPJ offices all over again to get the (Probationary) Malaysian Driving Licence. I skipped the latter choice and was determined to do all the following tedious legal paperwork instead.


Indonesians who live in Malaysia and plan to have a Malaysian driving licence need to get a legalization letter issued by the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur before proceeding with other legal documents submission to the related Malaysia government offices.

Required documents and submission details: Can be found here.
Required working day: One (1) working day
Fee: RM 55

Temporary receipt issued by the Indonesian Embassy. 
This receipt is required to collect the legalization letter on the next day.

Result: A legalization letter stating that the current Indonesian driving licence (SIM) is valid and the applicant is eligible to apply for the Malaysian driving licence.

The legalization letter produced by the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Challenge: Massive queue at the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and two back-and-forth trips are required to get this letter done. Those who do not stay in Kuala Lumpur must be prepared with the travelling distance and potential time consumed. My lesson learned here was that, when my husband asked about the necessary documents to convert my driving licence in the local JPJ office, the officer did not tell us about the importance of this letter. Only when we were ready to submit all the necessary documents to the local JPJ office, we were told that we lacked of one very important statement letter from the Indonesian embassy. So trust me, this letter can't be skipped and must be obtained in the first place.


Once we get the legalization letter from the applicant's issuance Embassy, what we need to do next is to complete and submit the below JPJL1 form, which can be obtained from the local JPJ office or downloaded online, to the JPJ Head Office in Putrajaya.

Required documents and submission details: The completed above JPJL1 form, original driving licence legalization letter from the applicant's issuance Embassy, a copy of recent photo (for driving licence, not passport), a copy of valid foreign driving licence and a copy of passport details. It is also required to bring the above-mentioned original documents, marriage certificate and the Malaysian spouse's Identification Card  for verification purpose. Read more information about this here.

The JPJL1 form that we need to complete together with other documents submission 
for the JPJ Head Office in Putrajaya. 

Required working day: Three (3) weeks
Fee: Free of charge (Null)
Result: An official driving licence conversion approval letter (delivered by post to the applicant's registered home address, upon request) which we need to further process at the local JPJ office within 90 days of the approval date.

Page 1: An official driving licence conversion approval letter sent  by JPJ Head Office.

Page 2: Next instructions to get the Malaysia (P) Driving Licence
 based on the conversion approval letter sent by JPJ Head Office.

Challenge: Finding the right building of the JPJ Head Office in Putrajaya and a car park around it, perhaps?


After approximately three weeks of waiting, should we hear or get nothing from the JPJ Head Office regarding our foreign driving licence conversion application, we need to ring them. I got my approval letter delivered to our house about 3-4 weeks after we submitted the step 2 documents above. I was jumping with joy and relieved.

I guess once we pass this stage, the next stage is more like icing on the cake. What we need to do next is to follow the instructions stated in the second page of the approval letter sent by the JPJ Head Office and process them to the local JPJ office to get the Malaysia Driving Licence card.

Required documents and submission details: The copy of approval letter and completed (and signed) JPJL1 form sent by the JPJ Head Office, the completed below B2 form, original and copy of foreign driving licence, original and copy of applicant's passport and a copy of recent photo (for driving licence, not passport).

Additional B2 form that we need to complete for the local JPJ office.

Required working day: Few hours. Almost immediate.
Fee: RM 80 - RM 60 (for the Malaysian driving licence fee for two years) and RM 20 for the JPJ processing fee.
Result: Our very own Malaysia (P) Driving Licence Card - valid for 2 years.

I got my Malaysia (P) Driving Licence Card now!

Challenge: Not much, as long as we bring the required document copies and original documents for verification.

That's all. Once we get our Malaysian driving licence, don't forget to buy and affix those red P stickers at the front and back of our vehicle. We can only drive without these P stickers after we pass the two years probationary driving period in Malaysia. We can now start exploring and memorizing the roads in Malaysia and get familiar with our car, if it's new to us. Don't forget to thank our (Malaysian) spouse who assisted and supported us during the long processes in working on our all legal paperwork to stay and survive in Malaysia.

Happy driving!

** Please note that this information is based on my personal experience and subject to change in accordance with any amendments to the rules and regulations from the Malaysian Immigration Department.


  1. thanks for the info!
    i went jpj 5 years back to convert my driving licence but they said i can just use my indonesian licence instead, never had any problem with traffic police anyway, so for 6 years plus im using my SIM A.

    but after reading your entry, plan to convert it to malaysian licence since my status is already "a malaysian's wifey"...

    thanks for sharing again :)

  2. Hi, I didn't know that you can use SIM A for so long here. I was told that I can use my SIM A and passport when driving here only for the first 6 months after I enter Malaysia. Although, I heard that Indonesian SIM A is valid for driving in ASEAN countries. Anyway, I would rather have the Malaysian Driving Licence to avoid potential issues with the police traffic. Sometimes, we just get bad luck when driving. :-)

    1. Hi Christine. I had my legalization letter from Indonesia Embassy. I have did for 1 year ago, do you think still valid? Thanks

    2. No, it valid after 3 months only. just got my legalization letter today :).

  3. May be if we print this agreement (among ASEAN Countries) and put it in our car, it could help :-)
    Just in case the police check it.
    This is the link:

  4. Thanks all for the info, i am married to Malaysian too. This is very helpful info you share it i dont need to worry driving with the SIM A while i'll apply for conversion..
    And how bout to purchase a car? Am planning to get used car? Anything to share? Thanks

    1. I don't think we can possess assets like cars, house, etc just yet... I don't know much about it.

  5. Don't forget to thank our (Malaysian) spouse who assisted and supported us during the long processes in working on our all legal paperwork to stay and survive in Malaysia.

    Thats the most touching part of this story

    1. Ya.. i believe almost all foreign spouse have home through the touching part during the long process of legal stay. As do my husbnd and I huhu sobs sobs. This process start from registered our marriage 2years back till now is so hard and strestful..

  6. i still have no indonesia license but and i already merried with u think i can apply drive license in malaysia by using long term social pass?

  7. hi there, my husband is malaysian and he wants me to have license so i can drive without ask him to take me everywhere, so do u think i can apply license in malaysia by using long term social pass?

  8. Hi, thank you for the information provided above. May I know what are the documents required in indonesia embassy? As I believe the link you provided is broken.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Hi there, is the approval letter from Indonesia embassy need to be endorsed by Malaysia foreign affair?

    1. No need .. back then. Not sure about it now.

  10. Hi Christine

    May I know the procedure of renewing Malaysia license

    How early we can renew the Malaysia license
    And what kind of paperwork will be needed
    Thanks 😊


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