Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Giveaway: 2 Baking Recipe Books (100 Everyday Baking Recipes)

My favorite holiday season of the year, Christmas, is just around the corner!

Christmas is always a wonderful time of the year and I literally love everything about Christmas - from Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas carols, Christmas desserts, Christmas cookies and of course, Christmas presents!

Christmas is all about CELEBRATING AND GIVING! I have no specific plan yet on how I would celebrate my Christmas this year (other than spending my Christmas in Singapore, perhaps) but I already have a Christmas plan for all of you, my blog readers!

This Christmas, I'd like to give something away to my blog readers. Since my hobby is baking, what I have chosen to share with you for Christmas this year is TWO (2) BAKING RECIPE BOOKS containing 100 of everyday baking recipes! Although I am just an amateur baker who happens to love baking and testing some new recipes in general but I would like to share the joy of baking with all of you too!

This said, if you love baking, do join this Christmas giveaway contest! If you plan to learn baking or just bought your oven, participating at this small giveaway contest might be a good chance to motivate you to bake more or complete your baking recipe book collections. If you do not bake at all, but you know someone who loves to, I'd advise you to also take part at this contest as well! Why? Because if you happen to win this book, this book would indeed serve a nice and meaningful Christmas present to that person. Remember, Christmas is about giving too! Let's make someone's Christmas special together this year.

The two (2) recipe books to be won are:

My little Christmas presents for (two of) you this year!

Here are the simple ways to join this Christmas giveaway contest:

1. 'LIKE' The Wanderer's Journal Facebook Page, if you have not already.

2. SHARE this giveaway contest on your Facebook, twitter or email. Spread the words. The more people participating at this giveaway, the merrier! If you have twitter account, you can tweet about this giveaway by using this tweet: "Enter the Christmas Giveaway and win the baking books via @christinetj's blog"

3. Leave a COMMENT below this blog post and mention the name and which part of the country you currently reside plus tell me who you'd like to give this book to as Christmas gift, should you win it? (Your Mom, wife, girlfriend, best friend, sister, brother or yourself maybe?) ** One person, one entry please**

* This Christmas giveaway contest ends on Sunday, 11 December 2011 (11.59pm, Malaysia time).
** Two (2) winners will be announced as soon as possible via a separate blog post and The Wanderer's Journal Facebook's wall.
*** The winners are randomly selected by number generator. If the selected winners do not respond in 48 hours, I will have to redraw.
**** This giveaway is open to blog readers who live in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore only.

Stand your chance to win this book! 
Leave your comment below this post now!

Early MERRY CHRISTMAS from me, everyone!

Do start leaving your comment below to win this book!

I'm very excited about this Christmas giveaway contest and I hope you are too (by participating at this giveaway)!

P/S: This is a non-sponsored giveaway contest.

[This contest has been closed. Winners will be announced soon]


  1. name:chow yin yin
    i wanted to give this book to my mom because 2moro is her birthday and this shall b a great christmas gift for her to solve her headache for thinking of baking ideas...thanks...:)

  2. Name: Valentine Low
    Country: Singapore
    I would love to give the baking recipe book to my mother because she loves to bake and I am hoping she can bake a cake for me for my birthday from the book!

  3. Name : Fenny Yuanita Kurniawan
    Country : Indonesia
    Email :
    I would love to give the baking book to my mother because seh got a birthday on December. with this book i hope she can bake a cake for our family special event like birthday, christmas, new year etc.

  4. Name: Joan Lim
    Country: Singapore
    I will be giving this to my sister because she doesn't know how to bake yet but loves to learn! This book will certainly be a big help because she's now working abroad and I can't teach her. :)

  5. Name: Laura Lee
    Country: Malaysia
    I'll be sharing this with my mum and brother, because we all love good food, and experimenting with recipes (sometimes with disastrous results! HAHA). It would be nice to have a baking book to learn about baking nice desserts. :)

  6. name: Abraham Lapuz
    country: Singapore
    I would love to give this book to my wife, she always ask me to bake brownies, this is the right time for her to learn on her own, hehe..

  7. Eva,
    from Indonesia
    I will give that book for myself, hahaha, then try to MAKE ALL the recipes (hopefully) and give it to my BIG family ^^

  8. Hi i'm Adrian from Malaysia. My wife always been a baking fan, i believe this is a great idea of Christmas gift. If somehow i dint win, I'll also buy a copy from local bookstore :) Thanks Christine, for ur brilliant idea. By the way, my email address is Merry X-mas!!!

  9. Name: Silvana from Indonesia
    I don't know how to bake, but I will be giving this book to myself. It will be a great start for me to learn how to bake and stuffs.
    In addition, Christmas is coming in a blink of an eye, which means a time for sharing is drawing near.
    I imagine it would be great sharing my baking results to my loved ones.
    It's the joy that I may think of. :)

  10. Hi Christine!

    I'm Jamie from Penang, Malaysia.

    I'm an amateur chef/baker at home and I'd love to give this book to myself so that I can be a better homemaker in the future - for my family. May this gift also be a gift to the loved ones around me :D

  11. Name : Veronica from Indonesia
    I'd love to give the book to my sister because she loved baking cakes and it would be a perfect Christmas gift for her so that she can bake for the whole family while celebrating Christmas :)

  12. Tommy here! I would prefer that you bake and share the cakes and cookies with us :P

    Anyway nice to have the book as Christmas gift ;)

  13. Hi, Christine. I'm Frangky from Indonesia
    I'm interested with the baking book.
    I want to give it, to my wife as a christmas give ;)
    I think she will be happy :)

  14. Hi Christine, I'm Lily from Indonesia
    I'm interest with your baking book. I think it is will be interesting to try some new recipe
    thank You for your share in Christmas.
    God bless U

  15. Name: Belina Agustin
    From: Indonesia
    I will give the book for myself as my xmas gift. I really like to cook,esp since I becomes a housewife. However some of my meal haven't cooked perfectly, so I hope this book will guide me to become a better house chef....^_^

  16. Dear Christine,

    Below are my details:

    Name: Soh Wen Yi
    From: Johor, Malaysia
    I would surely be merry and joyful if I can get a baking book for my boyfriend so he can learn how to bake for my birthday in the near future if not this year! Cheers

  17. Hello Christine!

    I'm Eudora from Sabah, Malaysia.

    I'm a young lady trying to learn and master the arts of cooking especially baking. This book would be great help to me and my love ones around me as we learn and bake together, and strengthen our bond for each other ^^ Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas!

  18. hi Christine

    name: Canita Dewi
    country: Indonesia

    I would love to have the baking book. coz next year, there is a new member, my baby, in my little family. with this book, i can start to practice, to bake something for my little family.


  19. indeed the spirit of giving :) hope you have a nice day ~~~ I'ld like the book, but truth to be told I have many at home untouched so I'm undeserving :p

  20. Name : Bie Lee
    Country : Singapore
    Email :
    I would love to try the recipes out everyday, snap the pictures of them, keep them and show off to mama when I'm back to Indonesia... Show her how wonderful her daughter is now. I've learnt everything from her and now I'm mastering her skills in a more creative way...

  21. Name: Agustina Sungkono
    Country: South Korea
    Our family don't celebrate Christmas. But I would love to give the baking recipe book to my mother (for Mother's day!) in Indonesia. I hope she will be busy with new baking recipes and she will be less worried about her daughter who live far far away from her TT


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