Saturday, November 12, 2011

21 Journaling Challenge: Day 6

The #6 Day Question: What Frustrates You?

My Answer:

I get really frustrated:
  • When I am forced to do the things that I do not fancy doing
  • When I am in a noisy place
  • When I run out of time
  • When there is communication breakdown
  • When someone orders me to do something in a rude way - worse, without even saying thank you
  • If there are sudden changes in some aspects of my life which force me to leave my comfort zones almost immediately too
  • When other people, or rather those who are close to me, cannot understand me
  • If I cannot control the situation nor do the things in the way I want or as I plan
  • When I have to spend a huge amount of money
  • When I am in a very cold weather

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