Thursday, November 10, 2011

21 Day Journaling Challenge: Day 4

The #4 Day Question: If You Are to Travel Back in Time to 3 Years Ago, What Advice Would You Give Yourself?

My Answer:

In 2008, I celebrated my 24th birthday. I was new to Singapore, had about 1 year working experience as a conference producer in Singapore, already experienced overseas business trips (which sounded so cool to me!), had begun sending some money back to my parents in Indonesia, started my first and only blog, spent a lot of money for shopping and was in the search of right community or group of friends. The latter part was not so easy. Although I had a lot of friends here and there in Singapore but I only had two or three that were really close to me.

31st October 2008: Me and two of Serangoon Condo's ex-housemates.
Yep, this was taken when we were about to move out from the condo.

Some advice that I'd like to give myself if I could travel back in time 3 years ago are: (1) Be more less serious, kinder/friendlier and have more fun, especially with my ex-housemates in Serangoon Condo. Four of us only got close after the condo's contract was about to expire and once it was, we all were scattered. I stayed put in Singapore and the rest of them moved to Indonesia and Australia. Although, in the end, we became close friends and still manage to be in touch from time to time until to date, but I regretted the one year that I wasted without really relating to or hanging out with them. I should have been more curious about their lives too, not too busy with mine. Just an update, now four of us are already married! *see how time flies - they were all students three years ago and I just started my career in Singapore*

Another advice that I'd like to give myself then  perhaps is (2) start dieting more seriously. I was really chubby back then (Oh, God! I can't stand looking at my old photos now). Lastly,(3) do not spend so much money for clothes!

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