Friday, November 25, 2011

21 Day Journaling Challenge: Day 16

The #16 Day Question: What Makes You Happy?

My Answer:

Another tough question posted here. However, after some thinking and realizing on my current efforts in finding pleasures in simple things, I guess I am happy when:
  • I meet my family and relatives in Indonesia
  • I call my parents in Indonesia
  • I reconnect with my old friends wherever they are
  • I see my flowers bloom in the garden
  • I successfully bake something
  • I accomplish so much work in a day or have a fruitful day at work
  • I win or am nominated or selected for something big! For instance: I was nominated for ablog awards, my pre-wedding photos were featured in the local newspaper and chosen as the Bridal House's advertisement banner, etc.
  • I get the chance to travel, sightseeing or shopping
  • I date my husband
  • I do not fight with my loved ones
  • I am not sick
  • I receive comments on my blog

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