Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Out of so many happy moments and best years that I have experienced in my 27 years of life, I guess the happiest and most meaningful one was the moment when my then-boyfriend, now-husband, proposed to me. That one moment absolutely changed my life and his life. Forever.

It happened some one and a half years ago but the memory of what I felt when my then-boyfriend got down on one knee, presented me a ring and a bouquet then asked me a nerve-wrecking question; is still so crystal clear until now. The whole thing was so surreal and euphoric to me.

He knelt down. My knees went weak too. Aww.

After the proposal, I was deliriously happy, literally all night long. I could not sleep well that night because I was too excited with everything and was impatient to show off my new status to everyone in the world (via Facebook) immediately. All of sudden, the world seemed to be so beautiful. Life was beautiful. Honestly, then I could not wait to check my Facebook's wall in the next morning because I wanted to know how my family and friends reacted on this.

Here's more story behind my husband's proposal to me:

My then-boyfriend and I had actually developed a mutual feeling of getting married in less than a year after we officially decided to be a couple. Fast and furious, I know! We were so in love (or maybe more like infatuated) and sure that one of us was half-incomplete without each other. We were keen to enter a permanent institution to declare our love and start a family soon but not exactly sure when.

One Saturday in May 2010, my then-boyfriend brought me to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya to survey some wedding rings to register our marriage (although that time we decided nothing yet for our Registration of Marriage). No confirmed date for registration of marriage.

Back in 15 May 2010: Saturday Stroll at 
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya.

For Indonesians, it's kind of uncommon for a woman to expect her boyfriend ask for her hand for a marriage. I think it is seldom practiced there and we usually spot proposal moments on western romantic movies on TV. Marriage, proposal or engagement plan usually is more like a family business. We put on that 'engaged' status when the man has formally proposed the girl in a formal (discussion) manner in front of both side families. Thus, I did not expect any romantic proposal at all from my then-boyfriend. Not a single thought.

That night, after we came back from shopping at Sunway Pyramid, I was pretty tired and ready to turn to bed. My then-boyfriend invited me to go for supper and asked me to wear something nice, not just a tee and short pants. I don't really fancy eating at late night e.g. supper because I always think that supper ruins my daily digestion cycle and makes me sleep unwell too at night. Duh! Sleepy, blurred, lazy and somewhat not interested to go out again after a tiring day in the shopping mall, I finally agreed and followed him for supper. I didn't put on any make up. I looked horrible. My eye bags were quite pronounced.

I was shocked when my then-boyfriend drove to the Royal Bintang Resort and Spa, Seremban. I thought "What the heck he was going to do here? Supper here in a hotel's restaurant? Has he lost his mind? Normally he'd pick some cheap restaurants by the street for supper on weekends". Then, he explained that he felt like eating a nice cake that night. I was like "Oh. Okay... Good for me." I believed him. When we were enjoying our drink and a cake suddenly he got a phone call and mentioned that his group of friends were coming over too to join us. I was a little bit upset when he said that because I thought we were having a romantic date. Just the two of us.

When his friends approached our table, I saw one of them was holding a bouquet. "Oh, someone's birthday." I reckoned. A split second later, I saw one of his friends reached our table, handed the bouquet to my then-boyfriend then the man who was sitting across me suddenly got down on one knee in front of me, took a small black box out from his pocket, opened it and said "Would you marry me?"

 He popped that question. I was in awe.

The one moment that changed our lives for good.

I was moonstruck and embarrassed. My mind went blank. Still confused, I forced my head to think fast but I could not process anything. "What the hell is happening now?" "What should I say to this guy in front of his friends?" "Is he serious?" "Is this for real?" "God, what do I do now?" "Somebody help me!" The world surrounded me started spinning. I could not help showing beaming smiles all the time but did not find my voice to reply him. I was speechless. Long, long silence from me. I was simply not ready for all this. Everyone looked at me. Finally, my then-boyfriend asked me again "OK or not?" Frozen, I just nodded my head. Then, he smiled and put on the ring on my finger.

Next, everybody cheered. I was still surprised and didn't know how to react. I still could not think. The happy feeling had not really sunk yet. Way too much shocking episodes in three minutes duration.

Happy! Happy!

Minutes later, after I organized my thoughts and comprehended what had just happened to me, I became completely over the moon. From that moment on, I had a fiancĂ©. I'd be getting married soon! There's a wedding for me to attend. My wedding. Seriously.

Us and the behind-the-scene personnel.

Later on, my then-boyfriend told me that earlier that day, he purposely brought me to Sunway Pyramid to trick me. He wanted to send the message to me as if he had not bought any ring whilst he actually had done so and secretly plotted his proposal scenarios with his friends.

We're so fortunate to have one of our friends snapped the photos and record a video of our happy and such unforgettable moments that night. The captured pictures stored our most memorable moments in both my and my husband's life. They're indeed the evidence of our love celebration that will never fade in time. Those photos speak millions of indescribable feelings that we had in May last year. Every time we both look into them, the happy and loving memories always come back.

Lastly, thanks for taking your time in reading my blog. In return, please enjoy the following short video of my happiest moment shared above. There's a lot of emotions, especially nervousness, shown in this memorable video of ours. We're both indeed really happy but also embarrassed. Again, we're very thankful to our friends who were involved in this particular event. Without them, I guess my then-boyfriend would not have succeeded in launching his "Proposal" master plan.

3-Minutes of happiness cum embarrassment. 
Everything seemed to happen too fast.

This short clip was edited by myself and took me hours to finish. Dang! It's my first time editing short video and I found it quite stressful actually. God bless all of you, video editors out there. Video editing ain't easy task to do. Anyway, happy watching!


  1. Wow, that was so sweet and romantic! :D

  2. I can't help smiling! What a great proposal. :) I'm so happy for you two! You make a wonderful couple!

  3. how old are you when you got married? - rej,

  4. a girl's happiest moment indeed! :)

  5. Hi all,

    Thanks for the kind comments! I'm very happy to read all of your comments here :)

    @Rej - I was 26 then.




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