Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Fairy Orchids

I love capturing photos of blooming flowers in my garden before they wither. I do this, just in case in a month, three months, a year or even years from now; I suddenly would like to reminisce the beautiful companies that I once had when I de-stressed myself in my garden.

The Fairy Orchids: I am not sure of its scientific or real name.

The above is the picture of orchid plant that my Mom-in-Law brought home few months ago from a local plant shop. When she brought this plant home, it had yet to blossom any beautiful flowers. Now that it has, I'm always mesmerized by their pretty petals which are blessed with the fusion of greenish and purple colors. Such a head-turner, don't you think?

Whenever I see them, I imagine looking at four fairies flying from heaven, flapping their colorful butterfly wings.

Hyperbolic, perhaps. But that's how I see blooming flowers. I use my imagination to describe their beauty.

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  1. Hi wanderer, no doubt that orchids are beautiful. Just looking at the beauty of an orchid flower can bring joy. Luck also, i guess. Do drop by for my story for Halloween.


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