Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making the Birthday Cake for Husband

It's my husband's birthday on the first day of next month. I've been planning to bake a really nice birthday cake for him for weeks. The ideas of what cake I should bake, the number of cake layers I need to bake, frosting decorations and so on have been flying around my mind for the past few weeks. Day and night. Sadly, instead of keeping this idea as a surprise, I slipped this topic out of my mouth to my husband about this few days earlier. I just could not keep this grand idea to myself. In short, it was not a best-kept birthday surprise secret anymore.

My husband's birthday is coming soon!

I consulted my baking buddy in Manila, Joan, about my plan and we managed to discuss a bit about making nice birthday cakes over online chats. I've been telling myself that I must be successful in executing my husband's birthday cake. I just could not afford to fail this time around. Every layer of the cake I bake for him must be nice. No burnt edges. No uncooked part in the middle. The cake end result should at least taste nice. Best if I could do a nice frosting for nice birthday cake presentations. I. Must. Not. Fail.

Although my husband's birthday is still a couple of days from now, I decided to bake his early birthday cake yesterday because I was sure that finding the time baking a big cake on weekdays next week is going to be tough. Moreover, I just had the Saturday baking mood.

I started baking the first layer of my husband's birthday cake at 11am yesterday. I made the rich chocolate cake for the first layer of the cake. I purposely repeated this cake recipe since it's proven that it would not fail me. At this point everything went well. When I took out the cake from the oven, it was perfect. Nothing burnt. All cooked. The only drama I encountered yesterday was the broken water pipes in the neighborhood. No running water in the house or in the kitchen in particular! I was like, "What the heck? Out of so many other times, why now?" Luckily the water tap in the bathroom next to the kitchen is not connected to the public water pipelines but it's from our private water tank instead. I ended up washing all the baking and cooking utensils bit by bit in the bathroom basin. This water pipes disaster definitely slowed the whole baking processes down.

Back to the cake topic, after I was done with the first chocolate cake, I continued baking the cake's second layer which was a vanilla butter cake. I wanted to make this birthday cake a little bit sophisticated, therefore I wanted this cake to have at least two layers.

At 2pm, I finished baking the two cakes and was ready to make the frosting. My husband came down to check me out in the kitchen then remarked that these two cakes looked kinda short. Slightly challenged by his comment, I started preparing the third layer of the cake. Although I was already a little bit tired but I pushed myself to really make this one as big as I could. I even asked my husband to just buy a take-away lunch for me. I was that determined! Shortly, I made a cake batter all over again and baked another chocolate cake. About an hour later, I finished baking all the three cakes I needed for the birthday cake.

Next comes the hard parts: Making the frosting and decorating the cake. Honestly, I am not so experienced in making really nice cake frosting, much less decorating it. But I can't have birthday cake without frosting, right? With my little experience in making cake frosting, I decided to just make the chocolate frosting that I've tested in the previous week. Everybody liked it so I guess this frosting was my safe bet. I am aware I was a little bit boring when it comes to frosting and creatively decorating cakes but I know myself - I do not have the capabilities yet.

Ta-da! Here's the final result. After baking and repeatedly washing baking utensils for nearly 5 hours, this was the best I could do yesterday. A little bit messy and strange in terms of the presentation but I was confident, the cake's taste would be just fine.

The early homemade birthday cake for my husband.

I thought we could celebrate my husband's birthday today with his family so we kept the cake in the fridge overnight. Turned out that this morning everyone went out and my husband was kind of shy to do the usual birthday rituals in front of everybody. He said, blowing birthday candles and birthday songs are for kids. Hence, we celebrated his birthday alone this morning.

Me presenting the birthday cake to the birthday boy this morning.

After my husband blew the candles and cut the cake, each of us ate a slice of  the cake as breakfast. I was really nervous when my husband about to have his first bite of the cake. Fortunately, my worries were all gone when he said that this cake tasted like those we buy from real cake houses outside. *flying to cloud nine* By the way, I did (softly) sing the Happy Birthday song for him when he was busy with his cake this morning but I'm not sure if he even listened to my singing.

The birthday boy blew the birthday candles.

The birthday boy cut his early birthday cake.

A couple of hours later, everyone came home. Two aunts from Singapore and Johor who visited us since Friday night tasted my cake too and they said it was delicious. One of them even ate one more slice. *flattered* When they were about to go home, we packed a big chunk of the cake for one of the aunts to bring back to Johor.

 Inside the cake: I was pleased with how the cake's three layers turned out.

Looking not bad on the inside, eh?

Later on, my brother-in-law and his family came by our house in the afternoon. My nephews were jovial when they knew that we got a birthday cake in the house. We gave each of them a slice of cake and seriously, the way they finished my cake made me feel that the five hours of labor I spent yesterday for making this cake were worthwhile. Since the people in our house surely cannot finish the cake on our own, we packed another big chunk of cake for my brother-in-law's kids to bring home too.

Aren't they cute?

To conclude, I really enjoyed baking the birthday cake for my husband yesterday. I suffered from backaches after I finished baking the cake but everything was really worth the efforts. I can't wait to have the opportunity to bake more pretty cakes in the near future. Perhaps, a Christmas cake or an 'Angry Bird' birthday cake for my niece or nephew's birthday? *wandering mind*

Happy 29th birthday to my beloved husband - my partner and my best friend! I know it's a little bit early to say this but I wish every single day in your life is filled with happiness. I wish you all the very best of life in the coming years, Baby! 


  1. So sweet! I bet your hubby can't forget this year birthday. The cake you baked sure beat any cake sold outside! :)

  2. Happy family..wish you all the best. :)

  3. The cake really looks good!! I can't wait to try doing two different layers of cake. You're husband is very lucky to have a sweet wife like you. :) Congrats for the successful cake!

  4. hey the cake looks delicious! hehe ur the good wife!

  5. Hahaha... Thanks all! Appreciate your comments.

  6. nice! he is so blessed to have you, babe! :P

  7. nice idea.... :)

    tgh plan untuk husb juga nih :) tq.

  8. Hoooo, your husband is the luckiest man in the world. Especially since at the moment the house was empty-what he wanted


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