Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcoming the Month of September

Time elapses so quickly and before we know it somehow we just concluded the month of August in less than 24 hours ago.

Today is the 1st of September already and this month is going to be BIG for me!

Happening September ahead!

Highlights of September 2011 for a Christine:

1. My 27th Birthday

Yep, to begin with I'm going to celebrate my 27th birthday next week. Hurray! I am aging and indeed steadily moving my age category from late twenties to early thirties. I mean, let's just embrace our age. This year marks my first birthday celebrated in Malaysia. *hmm, wondering what birthday presents or surprises I would get from my husband next week*

Hopefully, I will get to enjoy cutting a birthday cake and blowing out some birthday candles with my family from Indonesia too next week, though it'll be a belated birthday celebration with them. Since I lived abroad, it's been like ages since I celebrated my birthday with my family back home. I kid you not. I can't even remember the last birthday cake we had together for my birthday. Potentially, it was ten years ago.

2. Family visit to Malaysia

My parents, siblings and uncle will be flying into Malaysia for the second time next week to attend my wedding and I am excited to see all of them again.

3. My Wedding

It's crazy. Next weekend is going to be my wedding ceremony and reception in Malaysia. All the wedding preparation so far is kind of done in DIY system here and I hope everything would run smoothly on the D-Day. One thing for sure, it's going to be a blast and fun memory since my friends from Singapore would also be joining the crowd to make my wedding celebration here merrier. By the way, I miss my friends from Singapore real bad. It's been more than seven months since the last time I saw them in Singapore. In fact, I probably have not seen a couple of them in more than a year already.

4. Honeymoon

I can't reveal our honeymoon destination just yet but a week after our wedding day in Malaysia, my husband and I plan to spend some quality time together to celebrate our marriage. We both want to enjoy a typical holiday that is traditionally taken by newlyweds. Just the two of us exploring a place that we never went before.

Roughly, the above is my BIG agenda for September.

I am welcoming September with joy and really wish that every little thing that my husband and I planned thus far for the wedding, family and friends' visits and honeymoon would be just fine. Most importantly, I hope to finish my long overdue work before next week so I can enjoy my wedding and honeymoon moments without much disruptions from thinking about my impending work.

And oh, to close the month of September this year, my husband and I might bee seeing our friend again, Joel from Hong Kong, in Kuala Lumpur sometime in the last week of September.

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