Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Wedding Day in Malaysia: Part 1


Last Sunday was our wedding day in Malaysia. After we waited for more than a year, finally my husband and I got over with all the wedding stuff! I actually feel both happy and sad now. I am happy and relieved because everything eventually went fine (no more wedding stress ahead). Yet, I feel a tad of sadness too because the (last) wedding celebration really is ultimately over!

Here are the recaps of what happened during our wedding day in Malaysia last weekend. I can only partially share the story here because I have no complete wedding photos yet.

 Our Wedding Date in Malaysia: What a popular date! 
So many people got married that day.

Following are some photos of what happened on last Sunday morning, right before my husband and his best-men/brothers picked me up at the rented wedding house.

A couple of rabbit dolls sitting sweetly on our wedding car.

The 拜拜 table and the wedding car at the groom's house.

My husband and his cousin/wedding car's driver.

The groom and his best-men a.k.a brothers.

The groom's parents helped him dressing up.

The groom and his best-men/brothers ready to pick the bride up.

My make-up artist came to the rented wedding house at 6.30am and started working on my face and hair for the next two hours or so. At about 9am, I was pretty much ready for the wedding tea ceremony. My make-up artist already left me and went back to the bridal house. In the meantime, I just waited for the groom and his entourage to pick me up in my room.

Like the usual practice for picking up the bride in Malaysia and Singapore, the groom and his best-men would have to go through some interesting 'door games' from the bridesmaids/sisters before they could enter the bride's house. This time around, we had 3 official bridesmaids versus 12 best-men for the 'door games'.

When the groom and his best-men approached the bride's house, they announced their arrival by honking the cars they were driving for few good minutes. My (biological) brother had to come down, open the groom's car's door and present two oranges to the groom. In return, my brother received a red packet (angpao) from the groom.

My brother  who opened the house's gate and the groom's car 
received red pocket and 2 oranges. 

From my room upstairs, I could hear people's loud laughter, cheering, screams and chattering downstairs during the 'door games'. My feet were very itchy to go downstairs and peek the games as well but too bad; I was not allowed to do so. Since I could not leave the bride's room until the groom picked me up, I just sat in there playing Scrabble on my iPhone - trying to distract myself from noticing the excitements downstairs, for almost 30 minutes.

My bridesmaids who prepared the games: Iris, Celia and Joey.

Here are the chronicles of what the men had to go through before they could see the bride. *The 'door games' summary below is written based on my interviews via face-to-face discussions and online chats with my husband, the bridesmaids and a best-man after the wedding reception since I didn't get to witness the whole games myself*

First Challenge: Before anything, the groom and his best-men were asked to wear transparent disposable under-wears and do some push-ups.

The guys doing some push-ups.

Then, the groom, with his eyes blindfolded, had to do piggyback with some of his best-men i.e. riding on their backs.

The groom and his brothers doing piggyback.

Whilst the groom was alternately riding some of his brothers' backs, he had to put a whole banana hanging in a string into his mouth. There were four bananas prepared by the bridesmaids, hence the groom had to eat four bananas in total.

The groom was eating whole lot of bananas.

My family found the Malaysian/Singaporean style 
wedding 'door games' very unusual and entertaining.

The best-men who carried the groom had to drink a special concoction made from mango cordial, coke and chrysanthemum tea (yuck!) by using elongated straws.

The best-man on the bottom had to drink some special drink mixed by the bridesmaids.

Second challenge: The bridesmaids asked the groom and his best-men to pass stripes of dried Japanese seaweed from mouth to mouth without touching their teeth. The guys found this particular challenge too difficult and disgusting to perform so they gave up.

The seaweed challenge.

The bridesmaids offered them an alternative solution to complete the second challenge: (1) Eat sliced raw bitter gourd with coffee powder on top or (2) Eat cut chocolate bars already glazed with very sweet (diabetic booster) strawberry syrup.

Eating the bitter gourd or the extra sweet chocolate bars.

Then, after eating one of the above options, the groom and his best-men were asked to drink a (super sour) mixture of freshly squeezed lemons and limes. Those who were too slow in eating the bitter gourd or chocolate bars would have to enjoy an extra punishment from the bridesmaids by eating some fresh bird's eye chilies.

The  bird's eye chili punishment.

Thinking back, no wonder there were bitter gourd, bird's eye chilies, Hershey's chocolate/strawberry syrup, lemons and limes in the shopping list that my bridesmaids asked me to secretly purchase before the wedding day.

Third challenge: Now that the groom and his best-men could enter the bride's house, they all went straight in front of the bride's room upstairs. However, they had yet to be able to enter the bride's room. To get the permission to enter the bride's room, the groom was tasked to read 12 promises out loud for the bride and everyone else to hear, right in front of her room. Only when the bride said "Yes or OK", then the groom could enter her room and pick her up to his house for the wedding tea ceremony. This was a quite funny challenge as I was the one who engineered all the 12 promises beforehand. My friend, Iris, help me edit some of the way-too-long promises I wrote.

 The 12 promises that the groom had to read out loud in front of the bride's room.

The groom reading the 12 promises out loud in front of everybody.

Post the 'door games', the groom distributed red pockets (angpao) containing money to all the best-men and bridesmaids.

That's all about the 'door games' for the groom and his best-men at the bride's house - more recaps of wedding in Malaysia to come!

Huge thanks to my bridesmaids/sisters - Iris, Celia and Joey for planning, shopping and making everything happen (all the way from Singapore)! Also, big, big thanks to all the best-men who participated in the 'door games' and made the whole 'door games' ordeal merrier than ever!

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