Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Three Days Before the Wedding Day in Malaysia: Getting Ready

The wedding hype was already in the house for about one week before our actual wedding day. This was because we started shopping more wedding stuff and had a lot of more intense discussions to plan for the Big Day almost in every single day. Three days before the D-Day, the wedding hype in the house was even stronger.

We cleaned and decorated our house and the wedding house we rented for my family from Indonesia with red cloth and artificial flowers. We also pasted lots of "Double Happiness" stickers everywhere in both houses, the wedding room and on some betrothal items. This experience is indeed very unique to me because Chinese Indonesians these days do not practice decorating the house for the wedding anymore. I personally feel that the practices of Chinese traditions for Chinese weddings in Chinese Malaysians community here are still very strong.

A large 喜喜 sign pasted in the main door of the wedding house we rented.

Not quite done stairs' decoration in the rented wedding house.

My husband and I were forced to do some interior re-structuring for the wedding room too. We cleaned the working desk (read:. threw a lot of rubbish and organized some cluttered papers), dressing table (read: all cosmetics went straight to the drawers) and cabinets in the room; put a brand new bed sheet and curtains on and decorated the room with some artificial flowers too.

 We pasted a mini 喜喜 sticker in the wedding room's door.

 Another cute 喜喜 sticker was pasted in the dressing table's mirror.

Even our small and not-so-good-looking plastic cabinet got the 喜喜 sticker too.

We also put 喜喜 stickers on a pair of symbolic lamps too.

Artificial flowers that my husband and Bro-in-Law bought to decorate the wedding room.

For the flower girls, my Mom-in-Law transformed the plain wicker flower baskets that we purchased about three months ago into cute flower girls' baskets below.

The flower girls' baskets for our nieces.

Since our wedding reception's date fell on Autumn Festival, one of our aunts here contributed about 60 home-made moon cakes to be served as appetizer in the restaurant. A giant box full of moon cakes was delivered to our house about a few days before our wedding day.

 Home-made Moon Cakes for our Wedding Reception.

Last but not least, the Bride herself also needed some personal preparations for her wedding day too. Honestly, I didn't do much beauty regime for my Wedding Day since everybody, including myself, was really busy with the DIY wedding celebration in Malaysia. Furthermore, I was down with flu and sore throat a week before the wedding day. In the end, I only managed to do last minute French manicure and pedicure somewhere in town. Lesson learnt here, make sure we make advance appointment for manicure and pedicure as nail houses in Malaysia, or perhaps in Seremban to be exact, are always full house and do not accept walk-in customers. Dang!

I took a 100RM worth Bridal Package for my nails: Did French manicure and pedicure.

OK, so we were pretty much ready for the Big Day now!

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  1. Wow, nice decorations! :) And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! ^^


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