Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Belated 27th Birthday Celebration

This is a really belated post. I finally got the mood to blog again after some two weeks of blogging hiatus. Plus, I just got the below photo soft copies from my brother-in-law only on last weekend.

Earlier this month, I was slightly complaining of my vanilla plain 27th birthday celebration. However, it turned out not that bad at all. When my family from Indonesia arrived to Kuala Lumpur two days after my birthday, (after various hints from me) my husband bought a birthday cake for me from RT Pastry House in Kuala Lumpur. On top of that, when my family from Indonesia landed to LCCT Airport on Friday afternoon, my sister surprised me with a heavy carton box containing a set of home-made green (my favorite color!) birthday puddings she brought all the way from our hometown in Malang, Indonesia. She told me she spent five hours making my birthday puddings and had to open the (tightly wrapped) pudding box to get through the Malaysia Custom at LCCT Airport.

My birthday cake from husband.

My home-made lychee birthday puddings. 
I love the green color here. Aren't they cute?
For more info, contact here.

I was a happy girl that day but felt kind of embarrassed and awkward blowing the birthday candle in front of the whole family and hoped I could have disappeared from planet earth for few good moments when everybody was singing a birthday song to me. I was truly honored and grateful for the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with my whole family but it's been literally ages since I became the center of attention on birthdays. I was simply nervous.

Me and my family from Indonesia: About to celebrate my 27th birthday.

Too nervous: Forgot my wish when I blew the birthday candle.

My birthday cake, dear husband and me.

 Cutting my birthday cake.

So, I had the birthday cake, blew the birthday candle and symbolically took a photo of cutting my birthday cake. We did everything we needed for a simple birthday celebration and everything was perfect. The only sad thing was that we didn't get to eat the birthday cake. Everyone was about to go for dinner that night and thought of eating the cake sometime later. We forgot eating my birthday cake in the fridge even after my wedding reception on Sunday was over. Thus, at the end of the day, we had a 6-inch birthday cake and 6kg of edible wedding cake to finish. My Mom-in-Law decided to give my birthday cake away to a relative, without our consent, because there were too much cakes at home. I was a little bit upset about the fate of my birthday cake that went to someone else but after thinking about it again, it's no big deal - we could not finish everything anyway. Also, we eventually didn't waste the cake, which was a good thing.

I ate one cup of hello-kitty pudding that my sister made and the rest of the puddings went to all the guests who came to our house for mini BBQ party on the following night. The pudding was too cute and it broke my heart when I had to crush the pudding's hello-kitty shape when I was eating it. This is the problem with eating some cute and pretty foodstuff; you got no heart to ruin the cute/pretty shape.

Thank you, husband, for the birthday cake. And thank you to my sister too, Lidya, for the birthday puddings. Thanks for all my family for being there :-)

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  1. happy belated birthday. i think your husband is the best birthday gift every year :D

  2. Happy belated Birthday, hope all ur wishes come true:)

  3. Thanks Jamie! Indeed, our spouse is definitely a blessing!


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