Friday, September 9, 2011

Lavender in Our Room (And Tips in Maintaining Artificial Flowers at Home)

Mom-in-Law tasked my husband to decorate our bedroom with some artificial flowers so we'd get a descent wedding room in the photos later on.

Last night, my husband and I passed by a florist that sells fake flowers arrangements in the Mall where we had our "birthday" dinner. Initially, we aimed for something simple like a mini arrangement of artificial red roses for our room. We wanted something cheap too as we intended to buy the flower decoration just for the sake of 'fulfilling the task' for our upcoming wedding in Malaysia this coming Sunday.

As we approached the cashier counter, both of us became more attracted to various pretty artificial lavender arrangements sitting around the cashier machine instead of a mini vase of artificial red roses that I was already holding, ready for to be paid. These pretty purple ladies cost almost double than the artificial rose arrangements on my hands. Minutes later after some serious contemplation and discussions, both husband and I went "What the heck. Let's just get the lavender. A bit costly but it is so much nicer and would last long anyway."

The recently purchased artificial lavender arrangements in our room: Priced at RM 70.

At last, we brought home a small artificial lavender arrangement that will keep our room blooming forever, provided I maintain it from dust and cobwebs diligently!

Speaking of dust on artificial flowers, here's a top tip from the seller last night on maintaining artificial flower decorations at home: Blow some wind around the artificial flowers (petals, leaves and stems) every once a week by using a hair dryer (with the lowest heat temperature) or use a soft duster to remove dust on the fake flowers. We are advised to clean our fake flowers arrangements at home on weekly basis because should there be dust sitting too long on artificial flowers; the dust could create stain on them and would eventually be harder to remove. Should we keep clean our artificial flowers decorations at home regularly, these flowers could last nicely for 3 to 5 years.

Artificial flowers definitely last long but if we maintain them properly they would enjoy even longer life.

By the way, when we reached home, without our knowing, my Mom-in-Law also just came back from shopping her artificial flowers decorations for the living room. And guess what she bought? A big vase full of tall artificial lavender flowers! Not sure who read whose mind last night but my husband and Mom-in-Law broke into laughter when they realized we all purchased lavender flowers.

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