Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Turned 27 Today!

The first highlight of the month of September is realized today. I officially turned 27 today! Bye-bye 26. You've been great and I am gonna miss you.

I guess the theme of my 27th birthday celebration is similar to an IT conference that I recently produced: "Simplicity - Reducing Complexity". Nothing fancy really. In fact, I felt miserable because of the fever that has been nested in my body in the past three days. It's so tiring to be sick so frequently. However, I am glad that I am much better now.

This year, I celebrated my birthday by exclusively dating my husband in simple ways (but priceless). No birthday cake cutting or candle blowing or present just yet. Maybe later or maybe never. We'll see how.

Accidentally, my husband and I ate my (sliced) birthday cakes at Secret Recipe cafes twice. In summary, we celebrated my birthday this year with Secret Recipe. I think we both deserve to be crowned as their best customers of the year now!

27th Birthday Celebration Part 1

I was still feverish last night and ready to faint anytime because of my headaches and high body temperature. Nonetheless, I absolutely could not control my craving of a really nice cheese cake that melts in the mouth. Hence, when my husband and I were ready to crash our bed, I purposely made him to go out for supper at a Secret Recipe cafe in town and eat an early birthday cake. As always, he agreed. I don't know why but my husband seldom rejects (friends') supper invitations, unless I ask him not to go for such invitations I guess. *busted!*

Apparently Secret Recipe cafes close at 10.30pm on weekdays, not at 11pm as we thought. When we reached there last night, it was already 10pm plus and the guy who took our order reminded us that they were closing the shop soon. My husband replied "Oh, it's still 10 plus right? We still have another half an hour". Not long, my cheese cake that I've been craving for God-knows-how-long finally came to our table.

And we were so ready to dig in my first 27th birthday cake, a really nice chocolate cheese cake made in just the way I wanted it to be. Before we ate the first bite, my husband whispered "Happy birthday" to me again. When he said that, I was blushing and almost melted like the cheese cake melted in my mouth. I think I ate too much cheese cake these days and have become too cheesy now.

 My official first 27th birthday cake from my husband.

The birthday girl had a sad smile last night because of her fever. Shame, shame.

Only when we have kind of cleared our plate up, our drink finally showed up. It was a glass of boiling hot fresh milk that literally burnt my tongue and throat after the first sip. In the end, my husband drank most of it. I shared some responsibilities for ordering it by drinking some last drops of the milk that my husband has manually cooled down by stirring the milk for a thousand times.

Our atypical birthday celebration drink last night. 

That's the end of my Part 1 birthday celebration. And by the way, we managed to leave the cafe just in time.

27th Birthday Celebration Part 2

Let's talk about my birthday celebration's sequel now. Today is my special day but I think it's just been a regular Wednesday for me thus far. Sad but true. Not that I am complaining about my quiet birthday celebration this year but I have accepted the fact that both husband and I now are already so drained due to our upcoming wedding preparation in Malaysia this weekend. Both of us have no more energy and much less mood for doing complicated activities, which require planning and such, after clearing lots of wedding details on daily basis. Today we spent the whole morning and afternoon in Muar because we had to pray to his ancestors for our upcoming wedding on Sunday.

After our incredibly late pizza lunch, both of us got nothing much to do at home. I honestly felt a bit pathetic about my birthday today so I offered another cake treat in Secret Recipe to my husband again. He said yes again. Thus, off we went to Secret Recipe cafe in Jusco Seremban this evening where we had our light dinner and another slice of cake.

 My second birthday cake that my husband chose: White Chocolate and Macadamia Tart.

And a Gourmet Pie for our dinner.

No special drink to celebrate my birthday today. In fact, I just ordered a glass of plain warm water because of my sore throat. That being said, I could not be bothered to take a picture of it.

So yeah, that's all for my 27th birthday celebration today. One thing though, I feel so blissful to be able to celebrate my birthday with my lovely better half, no matter how simple we celebrate it. Last but not least, I'm most grateful to receive birthday wishes sent via Twitter, Emails and SMSes as early as 5am (Malaysia's time) today. Also, I'm very touched and blessed to read birthday wishes from friends and family that flooded my Facebook account since the wee hours last night. They all wrote really sweet and cute birthday wishes for me. I am very surprised to see so many long lost friends that I barely contact even via Facebook or MSN chat also said "Happy Birthday" on my Facebook's wall. Amazing, huh!

My Dad (and perhaps on behalf of my Mom too) said a happy birthday for me via SMS this afternoon and wished me prosperity, health, long life, many kids and a peaceful marriage. Somehow, I felt a little bit pressured by his second last wish but I 100% believe that he meant well.

Thank you again for each of the birthday wish you all sent to me. Each of you means the world to me.

Yay! To conclude: Happy 27th Birthday, Christine! Be a better person in this coming year as you are so aunty adult now.


  1. happy birthday. simple birthday celebrations are nice and easy-going. no need plan so much :)


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