Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Day Before the Wedding Day in Malaysia: A Step Closer

Last Saturday, just a day before our wedding day in Malaysia, we had a chance to take a shopping stroll in Sunway Pyramid in Kuala Lumpur with my family from Indonesia. It was such a bliss to have them in Malaysia - I love being visited here!

We spent the morning and almost whole afternoon in Kuala Lumpur to entertain our Indonesian guests. We just could not keep them here in Seremban doing practically nothing as my husband and I would have always been so busy with the endless wedding preparations.

Here are some snapshots of me and my family during our afternoon coffee breaks in Old Town Cafe in Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur.

 Me and my family from Indonesia during their visit to Kuala Lumpur on last Saturday.

Me posing with my Uncle, Dad and Sister at Old Town Cafe, Sunway Pyramid.

Unfortunately, we could not shop until we drop in Kuala Lumpur as we had to go back to Seremban to decorate the wedding car and pick up my wedding dress for the morning wedding ceremony on Sunday plus my husband still had zillions things to do for the wedding on the next day. Although my brother was quite upset with his brief shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, somehow we had to call it for a day.

Once we sent my family back to the wedding house in Seremban, my husband took me to the Bridal House to monitor them decorating our wedding car, fit the wedding dresses once more and bring them home. I brought my Mom and sister along to the Bridal House since I wanted to show them how the Bridal House in Malaysia looks like.

 A staff from the Bridal House decorating our wedding car that we borrowed from Bro-in-Law.

Choosing the Veil.

My Mom choosing some accessories for me for the wedding day.

 After I fitted the dresses again, the Bridal House's staff packed my wedding dresses, 
accessories, veil and my husband's suit for us to bring home.

Once we got my dresses, accessories and the groom's suit packed, my husband sent us back to the wedding house to rest whilst he continued to prepare some venue decoration details for the wedding reception on the next day. My husband, three of his friends and his younger brother went to a friend's car workshop to blow almost 200 balloons up for the wedding venue decorations. Then, they filled their cars with balloons so they can carry them over to the wedding venue in the morning. Amazing laboring work, don't you think?

Filling the car with pink balloons.

See how our friend here was squeezed to the max in his own car?

Do-It-Yourself wedding preparations could be very taxing and most likely, we'd need extra human resources to make everything happens smoothly. In this case, family supports and friends' helps are indeed precious!

After my husband settled the balloons with his friends, he went back to the wedding house and picked us up to check Seremban's Pasar Malam and find our dinner there. Then, we enjoyed our Pasar Malam dinner at his house since his Mom hosted a mini BBQ party for some relatives and close friends at home on the night before our wedding day.

By the way, when I was already snoring in bed with my parents in the wedding house that we rented, apparently my husband was still busy running through the 'game plan' for the wedding day with his 'organizer' friends until past midnight. Poor thing.

A step closer to the Big Day!


  1. congrats dear!
    i'm also indonesian marrying malaysian, just married last july :)
    i followed u so we can share things together :)

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks! Congratulations for your wedding too. Happy to know that I got a 'friend' now.. Yes, it would be good to share some things here (as an Indonesians marrying Malaysians) together.


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