Thursday, September 15, 2011

Checking Out the A'Famosa Resort Malacca

My husband booked a 4-bedroom villa at A'Famosa Resort Malacca for my family to spend their last night in Malaysia. We thought of bringing them somewhere nice, not too far from Seremban, so they could enjoy a little bit of Malaysia.

Last year, we have actually brought them around the town of Malacca. However, since we got no better places-to-visit option for them this year (read: Cameron Highlands and Kuantan are too far from Seremban whilst Kuala Lumpur has nothing much to offer but the shopping malls), we decided to revisit Malacca again (although this time around, we chose to stay at one of the resorts there).

Therefore, on Sunday evening, right after our wedding reception, my (exhausted) husband and his parents drove us to the villa that my husband booked at A'Famosa Resort. Honestly, it was such a daunting trip to find the villa office to check-in, let alone finding the villa that we already booked in advance. Their check-in office and villa were damn far from the resort's entrance point. They're probably located more than 5km away from the resort's first entrance. Having own cars here is compulsory to transport us from point A to B since this resort is really that BIG.

Anyhow, I personally loved the villa that my husband booked. It's very spacious, cooling and clean for a mini family gathering. The 4-bedroom villa could accommodate 10 adults nicely. On top of that, we got a private small swimming pool in front of our villa. How cool is that? One thing though, the whole block of the villa units was a little bit creepy since we were like the only family stayed there that night. Most likely, it was due to the fact we came there on Sunday evening and normal visitors would have already gone home by then.

 Group photo in front of the A'Famosa Villa where we stayed overnight.

The room inside the villa.

 The sharing toilet at the villa: There were two toilets for the 4-bedroom unit.

A large kitchen in front of the villa's living room: Facility wise, it was too empty though.

All of us were so flat tired after we reached the villa in Malacca since we had a long day post my wedding ceremony and reception. We didn't even bother to come out for dinner/supper or enjoy the 'already paid' variety shows from the resort. When my husband, parents-in-law and my parents were already sleeping in their room, I had a really good night with my uncle and siblings. Five of us were chatting and crazily joking like there's no tomorrow. *nothing beats the feeling of kidding around with your loved ones using own mother tongue*

On Monday morning, before we checked out from the villa, we had our breakfast at the restaurant in the resort.

Before breakfast: Group photo in front of the resort's clubhouse.

 My siblings and I: Posing at the mini garden in front of the restaurant.

Speaking of the breakfast from their restaurant, I was kind of disappointed with their products and service. Their set breakfast menus were substandard and rather overpriced. Their free-flow orange juice was awful - it tasted more like sugar water in orange color. Plus, there were a lot of bugs hovering around us when we were enjoying the food. I would probably go for breakfast outside of the resort if I ever visit this resort again in the near future.

One of the bugs swam in my husband's orange juice.

After the breakfast, we dropped by the resort's Animal World Safari for a bit since the entrance tickets were already included and paid in the villa package. We checked out some of their (sorry! not so fantastic) animal collections and watched one of the animal shows there.

My little brother and I: In the Animal World Safari's parking lot.

Me inside the Animal World Safari: Checking some sheep out.
P/S: Excuse my scary eye bags!

During our visit at the Animal World Safari, we were just in time for enjoying the Multi-Animal Show too. I think that show was quite interesting for my family to see since we don't usually watch this kind of animal show live. Well, this is partly because my family seldom visit zoos and such.

The funny part of the Multi-Animal Show at A'Famosa Resort is the type of animals that they used for the show. They not only train animals that are frequently used for animal shows like monkey and civet but also animals that you would not think of being able to train them at all like porcupines, iguana, buffalo, mice and house cats.

The monkey doing some chin-ups.

I screamed a lot to make my brother go to the stage when the MC gave a challenge to the male audience to play with their 5 y/o python. Albeit my brother kept a snake as pet before, he didn't want to go to the stage. Until, the MC himself asked him to go to the stage with him since no male audience volunteered. My brother carried the 10 kg python on his shoulder, danced with it and even put the snake's head to his mouth for a split moment.

 My brother doing the "Snake" Show.

In return, thanks to my brother, he and his family (max. 4 persons in total) were given the opportunity to take photo (worth RM 10) with all the animals used at the Multi-Animal Show for free!

We all snapped a photo with the python too. Brr.

The porcupines were cute but quite smelly.

This Persian Cat's so adorable!

My brother was cool but I think the Iguana was cooler!

After this particular show, we all went back to the villa to pack our luggage up and check out since we wanted to pay a visit and have some Nyonya lunch at Malacca town.

No pun intended but I think after visiting the massive and somewhat impressive Batu Secret Zoo in my hometown, Malang, few months ago; we were not that much interested in checking animals in other zoos out anymore.

The youngsters took a picture on our way back from the Animal World Safari to the parking lot. 

So, this animal show practically concluded our brief visit at the A'Famosa Resort Malacca.


  1. nice.. i've been to the fort.. but never to the resort.. malacca is a nice place :)

  2. Hey! Yes.. The villa was quite nice actually.

  3. Hi Wanderer, The villa looks nice. I would like to bring my family there too... would like your advise if the villa and the swimming pool is clean? and can do bbq at night? and were there kitchen utensil? and how much is it? btw, would you happen to have the contact?

  4. Hi Kristin,

    The villa is clean and nice. I think the swimming pool was not so clean and has too much chlorine in it - I didn't swim there personally but my uncle did some morning laps there. Not sure if you can do BBQ there but the provided kitchen utensils were minimum. They only provide a kettle/water cooker, some glasses and saucers plus few packs of instant coffee and tea. If I was not mistaken, the villa cost RM 980 per night excluding breakfast. Check their contact numbers here:

    Hope the above helps.



  5. If you go back now, comment on the accomodation perspective, it's a bit rundown. No comment on the other activities they can offer but definitely they need to upgrade their service and quality assurance.


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