Thursday, September 15, 2011

南洋商报 "最浪漫新人" 竞赛: "The Most Romantic New Couple" Photo Contest

Few weeks prior to our wedding day in Malaysia, my husband was approached by one of the staff of a local newspaper here, 南洋商报 (Nanyang Xiangbao). The woman who contacted my husband mentioned that she got his contact numbers from the restaurant that we engaged for our wedding reception venue. She contacted my husband because she understood that my husband and I were going to have our wedding reception sometime this month and offered us to join the 6th (half-yearly) wedding photo contest called "最浪漫新人"  or "The Most Romantic New Couple" that her company is currently organizing.

Long time ago, my husband and I noticed this contest advertisement from our Bridal House but we both were not so keen in participating since this contest involves purchasing and distributing the newspaper copies at our wedding reception. Honestly, until now I'm not quite too sure about this contest as yet. However, when my husband mentioned all the potential prizes that we could win, I mean if we ever get in to the top 20 or something, I told him to give this contest a green light. No harm trying.

After we confirmed our participation, we were asked to submit a pre-wedding photo to the 南洋商报's office in Seremban and paid about RM 200 for the newspaper copies (featuring our pre-wedding photo) that were about to be distributed to our guests at the wedding reception. I am not too sure if this contest requires public voting or not since we were made to distribute the newspaper copies to our guests on our wedding day. This sounds really, really lame, I know. But, my husband and I joined this contest just for fun (and the prizes too)!

To cut the story short, one of our pre-wedding photos appeared in the local (Negeri Sembilan State) page of 南洋商报 on last Sunday, 11th of September 2011. It was a pretty weird and embarrassing exposure for me but my Dad was pretty surprised and excited with his daughter and son-in-law's wedding photo being featured in the local newspaper. He brought few exemplars (that got our photo in) back to Indonesia. Haha!

The newlyweds who participated the photo contest and got married on 11th September 2011 (in Negeri Sembilan).
Can you spot my husband and I in the above contest ads in the newspaper?

I believe for this contest, some of the criteria that the organizer used in selecting the pre-wedding photo winners are namely the photos' backgrounds and styles, photographers' skills, couples' photogenic poses and even their looks. Thus, the prettier the couples, the higher chance for them to take the prizes home. I guess.

Anyway, let's watch and see the winner announcement which is due sometime by the end of this year, if I am not mistaken.

Wish us all the best!

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